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  • You've got to stop hanging out with Len!

    Jason Arimoto will be at the next J-Town Kanikapila. I'll be driving back down from the Wine Country Uke Fest to make the lesson. Are you going to WCUF?
    Nice meeting you yesterday. Usually the play along is better than that. I guess they were a little rusty. Anyhow, hope to see you around at more meet-ups.

    Hey there, I just saw in your signature line that you own a Lanikai NK-C. I've looked at these on Musician's Friend, but no one has reviewed them yet and they are also on backorder - double bummer. So, just out of curiosity, do you enjoy this uke? Is it worth the wait? And do you have a youtube channel by any chance so I can hear the sound? Thanks in advance!
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