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    Best thing to use for practice wood?

    The old 2x4 thread is always a fun read
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    Wanted: Pre-beveled Nut Stock

    I use plastic/melamine chopsticks.
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    What's happening in your shed?

    This little mermaid tenor uke is a cuter than I expected. The use of sunglasses as a bridge was an inspired move. Dyed the spotted gum fretboard by diluting a little oil paint in turps. Making this uke has made me happier with a build than I have in a long time. The only thing I might do...
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    Where the wood comes from

    I know the below article is about guitars and ukulele tonewoods used by this group certainly are wider and dare I say it way more imaginative. An interesting and thought provoking read...
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    An alternative

    Sometimes it pays to keep going even when you know it is wrong, only to find out you may not be as dumb as you thought you were. Looking a lot better. I was wondering what I was going to do with the rest of these shelf stays I bought a squillion size bag for my kitchen shelves. I'll trim em down...
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    An alternative

    Dang 5mm holes really are too big to make the sticks thin enough to be usable as a uke nut spacer. Leaves too little along the sides to make a sensibly strong narrow enough spacer. If I got the strips much narrower it would be pretty flimsy. I also should have noticed the holes are 20mm apart...
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    An alternative

    Does anyone know where I put my 5mm bolts?
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Seriously? A flamingo shaped ukulele? What will people ask for next?
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Sometimes the customer says I want what you just made. Sometimes I ask what they really want. Sometimes nothing else matters. Recycled meranti body painted matt black. Spotted gum fretboard and tassie oak neck stained with vinegar and steel wool. Next time I do a black body I will go the same...
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    Titchtheclown ukuleles

    The McGee Thunder Drop Bear Bass. Based on a Gibson Thunderbird, unreversed body and headstock. I must admit when asked for a Thunderbird I wondered whether it was to be based on Thunderbird one two or three and if Lady Penelope or Vergil would be involved. Made with meranti old door frame...
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    Free plans site

    My fave free plans site for Fenderish, Gibsonesque and other plans appears to be no longer hidden away in google sites where it was. This site appears to have picked up a large proportion of them plus a fair selection of acoustic plans (including the gold standard Greller classic Martin plan)...
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Someone who didn't know me requested a traditional guitar shaped uke. Forgot to subtract wood thickness from internal Ford film style mold so a very snug fit in my standard uke case. I probably could have fiddled the book matching a little better by either offsetting or trimming the panels...
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    VIDEO- How to Glue a Guitar Bridge Tips & Tricks (with a Demo using Hot Hide Glue)

    Tip works a treat! The rest of the vacuum set-up is a venturi hooked up to the compressor, bit of 1/ 4 irrigation pipe, blue tac, lots of sticky tape and a offcut from my Ikea drawer liner
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    License Plate Uke

    I didn't bother with pickups or soundholes
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Decided to fancify my ganged hacksaw blade slot cutting. 3 of these thin blades are giving me a perfect 1.8mm slot for a Spanish heel neck. No plan, just drew some freehand curves on some scrap wood and pencil ruler and 8mm drill and chisel for the mortice and tenon on the cross piece. I'll...