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    Travel or beater instruments

    I've posted on here that I'd like to get an Enya Nova. That makes sense to me for travel because I help out at weeks of summer camp. I take vacations with my in-laws to the beach. I also live in a fairly humid area. I don't really have the money for an Enya so I don't really have the money...
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    Setup help/advice - Questions

    So a little update. got around to sanding the saddle down a bit. We settled on about 2.5mm. It plays much better and most of the strings are much better in regards to sharp notes. My daughter likes how it plays better and says it sounds better. I think she’s hearing things in tune for the...
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    Which Enya Nova uke would you buy?

    I probably won't get one... at least right now... but I keep coming back to them. I have enough amazon points right now to get one but I've been saving those points for another purchase. I'm looking at the tenor with effects, tenor with no effects or concert with effects. Personally, I want...
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    Missed it by that much... almost NUD

    I posted in another thread that I'm going into the hospital soon and I'll be in for a little over a month. Everything I take in has to be wiped down to be free of any germs or viruses. My uke isn't as nice as some of the ones I see on here, but it's pretty nice for me. I was concerned about...
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    Proud dad moment.

    Thanks for that link. That is crazy and good to know. Wouldn’t have even thought about something like that. We didn’t take “our” cajon to camp this year because we didn’t have the room after all of our luggage and my bass equipment (I played in the band for the week). We could have found space...
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    what are you reading?

    The Volunteer. It's about a soldier who volunteered to be a prisoner in Auschwitz to create an uprising. I'm about half way through. It's pretty good.
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    Proud dad moment.

    This was special to me for a few reasons. They didn't think they could (especially my youngest) but I knew they could do it. It was great to see the confidence boost they got. It was also just great to see the joy on their faces from playing music. I was "proud" that their first time jamming...
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    Proud dad moment.

    This will be kind of long but I figure some of you here will appreciate this. Last year my oldest daughter and I got back from a week of camp and asked if she could start playing my ukulele. She said she wanted to be able to lead worship at campfire next year. I said sure. My kids have never...
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    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    I agree. I've shared my thoughts in the free market of ideas. Deal with it. 🥳 I really don't mean this as a smart aleck. I know voice inflection can't come across in the written word so know I'm seriously asking this with an inquisitive mind and a humble tone. If he isn't offering much...
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    Setup help/advice - Questions

    great reply. thank you. I have wondered if it's the tuner for the C that is giving tuning problems. that doesn't solve my intonation issues... but that string is annoying. I'll contact them and see what happens. thank you.
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    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    I'm with you. I'm not understanding the issue. No one has to protect me. If I can find his site online I can find other sites. If I see other sites won't charge for something like that then I would go to them. I can also shop around and if I see a particular model I like and one site is...
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    Setup help/advice - Questions

    Thanks. Any reason you suggest this one in particular? Seems to have a lot going on. First, if I go this route, do you have a suggestion of where to get the saddles and nuts? Seems like people around here don't like amazon too much but I have some points so it'd be nice if I could pick them...
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    subtle reverb and/or delay can help thicken up the sound. If you wanted one pedal to experiment with a Boss RV-3 has decent delay and really good reverbs. I personally like those pedals to be separate but this is a good pedal and will help get you going. Compressors are subtle, but if you...
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    From Uke to Guitar?

    My daughter wanted to learn guitar a little over a year ago but quickly gave up because of the size. It was just uncomfortable for her. She's been playing uke for a year now. She mentioned the other day that she might want to try guitar again. I pointed out that the two hardest things about...
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    Setup help/advice - Questions

    As I've posted before, I have a Kala KA-15S that my daughter has taken over. It's not bad but it has some problems. The C string never stays in tune. Tune it and halfway through a song it can be flat or sharp. A few months ago I changed strings because some of you on here said that was the...