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    WTS: 4 Ukuleles

    WTS: 2 Ukuleles Why I'm selling: Last Fall I broke my wrist. Several bones in my hand were also moved out of place (this had something to do with an old hand injury). I didn't get the cast off until mid-January, then I was in physical therapy until it was cancelled because of Covid-19. I was...
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    Enya Music Nova U's starting to ship!

    Got an email from them that it's about to ship, label created. Yippee! I ordered Carbon Black. Can't go wrong with a travel uke for $70.
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    GoldTone BUC - any advice?

    My GoldTone BUC arrived today. What do folks think of the stock strings that come with it? They feel really stiff to me (I'm used to Worth). Has anyone changed them? Any advice to get the best sound out of it? thanks in advance!
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    FS - Zoom H1 Handy Recorder, like new $50

    H1 Zoom Handy Recorder (recorder + 2GB memory card) + USB cable (purchased separately). Used once, like new. I bought it with the intention of recording myself practicing to hear what I sound like in order to improve my playing. Didn't happen, and now I have a new phone which will do the same...
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    Opio Spruce Top Tenor

    I bought this Opio Spruce Top Tenor from Mim in April of this year (2019). I absolutely love the sound, but I just can't get comfortable with the fretboard. My fingers require a concert-size fretboard. Trades considered: Opio concert (spruce top or all acacia) with a little cash on your end...
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    WTB Ohana Concert Cedar Pineapple

    Ohana Concert Pineapple PKC-50G All Solid Cedar / Mahogany Setup Ukulele. Anyone have one they'd like to part with? I've read good things about it and would like to give it a try. thanks!
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    Concert that sounds like a Tenor?

    I don't know if such a thing exists - but does anyone know of a concert that in their opinion sounds more tenor like than traditional concert?
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    WTS Flea with upgraded fretboard and tuners

    FLEA IS SOLD - THANK YOU I bought this directly from Magic Fluke, I think it was about a year ago. It hasn't been my primary player. It's in like new condition. It's strung with D'addario low g. Comes with an additional set of high g D'addario strings, a multicolored gig bag, and grip strips...
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    Remove pickup from uke?

    Hi - I don't want a pickup, but I've seen a couple of used ukuleles with pickups, that if they didn't have them, I'd be interested. I wondering if I could remove a pickup, stick a strap pin in the hole and sell the pickup to someone else? thoughts? thanks!
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    Fly Me to the Moon

    Hi - could anyone point me to a good source for tabs for this piece? I think it might be in a book of jazz tabs, but I can't remember the author. Thank you!
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    Buying from Mim Question

    I looked all over Mim's site, and didn't see a way to contact her to ask her a question. Could be I'm just not seeing it. But............anyone know if it's possible to have Mim ship with a different set of strings installed? thanks.
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    Islander Concert Solid Top for Trade

    SOLD Islander SA-4c Acacia Solid Top Concert. I bought this uke Black Friday weekend from The Ukulele Site (so excellent set up). I LOVE this uke, but in the time between ordering it and getting it, I fell into a beautiful 2012 Koaloha concert. As much as I love the Islander, the Koaloha...
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    Open G string buzzing - how to fix?

    I very recently bought a used Koaloha concert uke (2012). It had been sitting in storage for several years. I put a new set of Worth strings on it, and it sounds great except for buzzing from the open G string. Notes going up the string sound fine. It's a high G now. While it sat in storage it...
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    Koaloha fretboard shape question

    When (or why) did Koaloha switch from a shaped bottom fretboard to a straight-across? I'm thinking it was probably financial. I prefer the shaped (but of course they didn't check with me).
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    New Classical Uke book - Very Nice!

    I just received a book I ordered from England, 'Classical Uke' aranged by Paul Mansell. It's a really well done, book - nice quality, heavy cover and pages. There are 20 pieces along with a CD. "Mixing famous pieces by Bach, Carulli and Sor with some less well-known, but equally beautiful...