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  • Hi Geoff - I’m a little worried that you’ve forgotten to post the theme for your impending season. I hope everything is ok
    Hi Geoff - my video doesnt seem to have made it into your playlist
    thanks for hosting
    Hi Geoff, Just in case you missed it (although I feel it's unlikely) there's a short series going out on radio 4 called The Folk of the Pennines. The first two are available on the BBC iplayer if you're interested.
    Thanks Geoff. If you don't now what your going to do until the moment you go on stage you must do a lot of folk clubs. Me too!
    Hey Geoff I got your ms. I always have a Plan C as well. What I am interested in is how far in advance do you start the prep for a weeks EMCee. Fred must have spent days on his playlists. And Wendy is an overachiever too.
    Happy New Year! I like the way you do the title credits on your vids. Please send me some links to get me started with this type of stuff. I liked under the board walk
    I like your stuff. Betcha you do the folk clubs. Does CJ do the club scene? I reckon he's in your area. Have you been to the Allendale tar barrel festival, New Year's Eve? http://Allendale tar barrel festival. New Year's Eve 2013.
    Thanks for the positive feedback - we all appreciate the time it takes view & comment on our vids. Cheers!
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