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    Season 509 - ‘Water, water everywhere…’

    A traditional song from North East England. The earliest published version is 1793. The tune is gorgeous.
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    Season 507:Bitter/sweet

    This song is one of the earliest in English and one of very few in Middle English to survive. It dates from about 1250 and was discovered in a sheet of parchment used probably as a bookmark in a manuscript. Just one verse was included but it is thought there were probably other verses but I...
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    seasonistas play other instruments

    I've just bought myself a looper. Here is my first effort with it. I used the looper to play a bass line, then played and sang over it. The song is a medieval one in Middle English and dates from somewhere between 1200 & 1250. I song both the Middle English Lyrics and a modern English translation.
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    500! The Songs of Ukulele Underground

    This was on the UU list so I decided to give it a go. It had to include the signature bass line. I found a piano version on line and used the wonders of midi to create a bass guitar sound. I also added some synth strings in the chorus. If you see ads on the video it's because the copyright owner...
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    Season 498: We Will Mend It

    I wrote this song a few years ago and I like to try and bring it at this time of year. It's a song of ending and also of the potential for a new beginning. Lyrics and chords are in the YT description.
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    UU VIP Program

    I've been signed up to UU VIP for several years now but with the new software, it doesn't show me as UU VIP nor can I access the VIP forum.
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    Which strings for down-tuning a tenor?

    I have tenors tuned DGBE and I have mostly used Worth Fat strings. They are intended as high tension GCEA strings but I find they work well for DGBE. A tuning is just a tone up from that so they should work fine.
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    Finding the Right Key

    I struggled with that shape till I saw someone go from D to Em by adding their little finger to the 4th fret on the C string. I find D to Em is a common sequence so that is a useful dodge and I tend to simply play Em with fingers middle, ring & pinky rather than index, middle & ring. I find that...
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    Season 460: Rivers, Lakes and Valleys

    As the thread title says. Songs referring to any form of still or moving fresh water; Rivers, streams, brooks, creeks; lakes, ponds, or similar areas of still water but not the sea. Rivers flow into the sea, so the sea can be mentioned but it should not be the primary focus of the song. Rivers...
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    Season 452: Your Relaxing Music Week

    I'm putting this up early so you can be thinking about next week's entries while I work on a video which I'll post later. There's a UK Radio station called "Smooth Radio" and one of their continuity announcements is "Smooth Radio, your relaxing music mix" so that's this week's theme and is the...
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    Season 440: I'm a travellin' man!

    Bring a song involving travel. The the song should primarily be about a journey or feature prominently forms of transport. Any form of travel is OK, on foot, horseback, mechanised etc, by land, sea or air. The songs can be covers or originals and anything is good as long as it is primarily about...
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    Season 409: The Virtual Ukulele Club

    Many of us belong to ukulele or to other music groups and with the Corona Virus such activities are being curtailed in many parts of the world. All my outside music activities have been shut down but someone locally started a virtual folk club on Facebook. The Seasons is, for all practical...
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    Season 409: Yuletide Celebration

    This theme started out slightly differently but it evolved. Then after I had got everything ready I found I had used basically the same theme and the same intro song this time last year, though new recording and video. It is now too late to change so here goes. The winter soltice has...
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    Season 400 Myths and Legends

    No intro video. I've had a very busy week and had very little time for making a video. I will post a video I made for a recent season that fits the theme later. The theme this week is myths, legends and folklore. The challenge is to record a song, existing or original that either 1. tells a...