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  • your box is full again, but anyway thank you for the quick shipping. I will let you know when it arrives. :)
    *edited by UUstaff* In regards to Sonny D ukuleles, Sonny Dahlin is still making them with his 2 sons on Oahu. For more information please visit their website http://www.sonnydukuleles.net/. *end edit* The R&L I am very familiar with even visiting their shop and taking story with Randy and Lenda of R&L and seeing Randy builds each of his 'ukuleles, they are beautiful to looks at but even more beautiful to hear. Just curious, where are you thinking of ordering these 'ukulele from?
    Aloha Torao, They both sound great. Of course they are both koa pineapples the Kamaka being a soprano, and the R&L a super soprano with concert neck though the body is a tad bigger than the Kamaka. I recommend both but I must say the R&L is a great deal when bought directly from R&L. Randy uses the old Spanish heal method of neck attachment which is old world and traditional, and which I prefer. Randy also has a large stock of old Koa which has been drying for 10 to 20 years so very stable, and he makes his sound board very thin which gives his 'ukuleles a strong projection, and nice sustain. R&L- try it you'll like it.
    hhaha. real talk. he made me call 3x yesterday and then at 1:30 our time today. so i was small kine huhu about not getting the hat. next time homie.
    i didn't even bother calling. actually scratch that. my homie told me to call an hour before they opened so i had to leave my lunch basketball league game early only for him to tell me he couldn't hook me up with one. he told me quickstrikes if it's posted on the blog early = no chance for us phone order guys. seriously, if another drop comes and it's not posted, i'll let you know or i'll try and reserve one for you. dude owes me hahaha...
    I'm at work tmw too. But according to the guy working 50 hats and already 20 ppl in line. I thought kamehameha day was friday but I think ppl off tmw. Sux.
    dude, just got off the phone with fitted. already a line out the door for tomorrow's drop. so weak.
    good luck. when i was talking to some of them, they said they would have a deeper run on the kamehameha hats but it always seemed to run out. when i found out about the camo late, i didnt even bother to ask for one. i was hoping some of the other stuff would make the website but the ones i wanted didn't. i wish i got that duke kahanamoku shirt from the beginning of this year. did you get that last kamehameha. i finally got mine. so sick.
    an hour after they open. and if you call before they have the phone off the hook lol. i gave up on getting quickstrikes unless one of them lets me know when they drop ahead of time. you getting the new kamehameha tomorrow? probably just getting a hat.
    i tried that with my cousins and they were over it quick hahaha.i just dont understand why they charge taxes tho. kicks/hi never did.
    i can't really say. the last rate change came when fed ex raised their prices but i'm sure fitted is getting theirs. it's not signature confirmation either, they just leave it at your door, so i don't see how it really will cost $15 for a hat. ola turned me onto just leaving the box there but this is when they put s** out like 3 times a week. and if i missed one or didnt order they just sent it. or they forget and it sits in the back hahaha.
    what you order? you get the caz drop? hella fuckin' sick. i was a sandy's boy and i remember kekoa on the come ups. i f***ng missed out on that camo Kamehameha drop and i feel sick about it too. i remember when shipping was like 5 or seven bucks. hahaha depending on who takes my order (ola or jared or bassy) I luck out and they give me shipping, otherwise I usually just hold my box there for two weeks and get one package every other week or so. man, next time i order i'll ask for some stickers and throw some your way.
    real talk. i ordered like every week from them for the last 2 years. after a while they started hooking me up when they had some in. they never throw in stickers unless you ask. so if you phone order just ask if they got some. i ordered a couple times from the online shop and i didnt get any stickers from there so i think its straight from the store only.
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