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    No Other Love ; John Legend

    NEEEEEEEEED. haha. please and thank you :) here's kaleo's version... and here's another version...
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    "Replay" - Rock City

    heard this song yesterday, and i NEEEED to learn how to play it! just in love w/ the beat & melody. it seems pretty easy to play, even tho its on guitar.
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    G/B...Am7/C help

    I've been learning how to play "Everlasting God" by Brenton Brown on the uke. So far so good, until I came across a couple of chords that look like this --> PreChorus: G/B C G/B C D Em D Our God You reign for - ev - er G/B C G/B C D Em D Our hope Our strong de - liv -...
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    everlasting god...?

    I know its not really a typical song to learn...buh I would kill to play it on the uke! PLEEEASE & THANK YOU!