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  • Hey Toubisard
    Yeah job is going really well. Just had our Commercial Conference this week. Got the supporters conference coming up on 10th of October. Loads of exciting things happening with FT at the moment and real buz to be a part of it.
    Stay strong with the welsh uke massive!
    Hi Toubisard
    Sorry haven't been back to you about the strings... I've been away for a bit. They arrived safely and look great - but I haven't had a chance to get them going yet. Bit hectic with travels at the moment. Anyway thanks for the strings - I WILL get them going as soon as things calm down... and looking forward to it.
    Should've said - don't know if you go on ukulelecosmos - there are a few Welsh residents, but again mainly in the south, I think. Still, good people one and all - Pete Howlett, Alan Sutherland (almuzo) and Ashley, to name a few.
    Hello there in Colwyn Bay!

    Sending greetings to you from Penarth, down in the south. I hope you've found other ukers to play with as well as your band. If you're ever down in the Cardiff region, do look up our club - at the moment, we're meeting every Monday in the albion, glebe street, penarth. If you have a moment, try our blog: www.ukenights.blogspot.com - it'll tell you which songs we're working on right now.

    All the best
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