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  • You're in the ATL? You should come to a SE Ukers get together at the Waikiekie BBQ in Decatur.... good food, lots of fun..... good to meet up with another local.....
    Thanks! It is really a wonderful ukulele.....you should keep looking for one. It sounds great and is a pleasure to play. I love holding it because it holds better against one's body as compared to a figure 8 ukulele. I was surprised about that. The sound is great, bright and happy, like a soprano with a good balance of lower, fuller tones. I suppose it is the extra air volume in the body.

    I am surprised there aren't more ukuleles made in this shape.

    How are things with you?
    Yeah, seems like they are going for some good prices. I watch them on eBay just for fun. We have similar taste....I thought the baroq-ulele was really cool too. To be honest, I totally want a teardrop also. Let's not bid against one another!! Are you watching the one on eBay right now? Looks like it could be a nice uke with a bit of work. I'm not in the market right now.....

    by the way....a friend of mine bought a good used (made in 2005) Kamaka soprano. We played together last week, and I brought my Favilla. My little, very well played uke had no problem keeping up in sound quality or volume! I felt a lot of pride in my little vintage Favilla! Best to you!
    Hey Tsani, haven't talked with you in a while but I have kept my eyes open for a Favilla. One just popped up on FMM. I don't know if you are still in the market but it looks pretty good. I think it is worth the price.

    My wife recently started playing and she has taken over my Favilla! I am glad she can play such a nice instrument!

    Hope this finds you well friend,
    What's up Tsani? Haven't seen you around much. Upload some more videos so I can make more jokes at your expense. I've been ripping Boundless, but I need some fresh meat.
    Yeah, those cracks are serious and would take some time, but I thought of you when I saw it so I thought I would send you the link....even if just for the fun of looking.

    I can understand that your heart is set on a Favilla. I made some wall hangers this weekend that turned out GREAT and I hung my Favilla with my KoAloha next to my bed above my bedside table! What is better yet, it was my wife's idea to hang them there! I hung ALL my ukes this weekend and now they are ready to be played at any moment, all I have to do is grab one off the wall! It was fun to make the hangers. Each one cost less than $2.00 in materials. I was thinking of putting together a "How-to" page so others can make them with some basic tools. Do you think people would find that helpful?

    Best to you,
    Thanks for your kind words! I have to tell you, I am blown away at the little Favilla soprano! It is really a great player, and the sound is a lot "warmer" than my Martin. I am not looking to get rid of it, but thanks for the offer! How do I find the Favilla forum, I would like to join.

    I was watching that blue teardrop on eBay, it is a really beautiful uke. Sorry you didn't get it.

    I had no idea Kumalae's are going for that kind of money! I guess I got an incredible deal! It sounds really amazing. Now I would love to hear it played by a really talented player... :)
    Hi,hello sir :) nice too meet you too.Just a few people can speak bahasa. 9 years,wow,that's good. I live in java,have you ever visit java?. Well,there's one person,he's new. Me and argha are tryin to help him to choose an uke for him. This month,we'll release our first collab. And if it's done,i'll give you the link. Sorry for my bad english,thanks :D
    Thanks for joining the Favilla Fanatics. I thought you might like that one. I was surprised there wasn't one already.
    so, the important members didn't show I suppose :D hehe you, me, .. let's see... haha what part of atl do you live in?
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