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  • Danke scho"n Tube, that has made my mind up, I will be buying a Bru"ko. It depends on how much I get for my Pono tenor, it is on ebay untill Friday. Do you go to any uke festivals? I have booked for Hollesely in July.Sorry for the Deutch spelling. Cheers.
    Hi Tube, thanks very much for a quick reply. It looks to me that you can easily change the saddle height.Normally the bridge and saddle are all one piece on the Bruko, but your Bruko looks to have a saddle which you can remove in order to make adjustments, am I correct. I hope you can understand this, but my German is not too good. Ich sprechen bischen Deutch. Cheers Dobro1937. ( Terry).
    Hi Tube, could you tell me what model is your Bruko, also what price are they. I am interested in the saddle arrangement. Cheers Terry.
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