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  • Happy birthday greetings from Waikiki hawaii big guy, hope you have a super day With family and friends :)
    Aloha Tony...Happy Birthday Greetings Bruddah, Hope all is well and my you have a super day with family and friends close to your heart.. Happy Strummings.. take care man and talk to you soon
    Hello Tudorp, I've been inspired by your threads about BWA Vietnamese ukuleles. I bid on his auction last week before I'd read all the threads you had posted. After bidding and winning a scantily wood inlead tenor, I did email Bruce and request that he lower the action to .6 mm on the first fret which he was reluctant to do and vague about his willigness to do any set up. I'm quite new to playing and to UU, and I have had good forturne so far with each of my acquiisitons {Kanila KC-1, Islander SMC, KPK soprano setup by Jason}. Do you currently have any eBay auctions for the BWA ukulele? My friend is looking for a well set up solid wood soprano with tuning machines.
    Hi Tudorp, thanks for being a UU friend!:) Hope all is well, especially with your Epi LP electric little friends!:) Lovin mine to death since having the work done on it! Ha! Aloha and happy strumming!
    Tudorp, can i just say...that i think your avatar sums up what ukuleleplayin is all about..A WHOLE LOT A FUN..
    It just makes my day wen i see it!! Keep strummin big guy!!
    Hello Tudorp . The new ukes look nice. Will we see sopranos ? Every time I look at Bruce Wei stuff I think to myself , " why doesnt he make some Banjo uke resonators " I bet they would be a big seller. Just my 2 cents. Take care and I hope you are still doing well on the diet thing.
    Aloha Tudorp,
    Happy five Oh...Have a Nice Birthday....Hope you have a big celebration at your house...and ukulele playing...rock da house bruddah...Your Bruddah, Stan
    Oh you dont make them? I thought you had. That would be an awesome skill! Im not really good at anything. Hopefully, I'll be better at Uke! :) Thanks for being my friend! :)
    Aloha, I've noticed some of your posts , you seem like a very kind and caring person , I realy admire that. :)
    Aloha Tony,
    Good Morning!!!!So how's it going bruddah????practicing any new songs??? I'veseen the just chopped down another 80 year old monkeypod tree here..
    massive tree.. the city hauled it away to the dump...what a waste...it was in a park and theydeemed it rotten in the inside and dangerous...too much liability..
    I'm practicing Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd...got the chords from chordie.....How's the diet going?Take Care and sending you Many Blessings.. Stan
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