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  • Yeah man,, i'm work'n on one,, but i've got some poblems when i upload the vids,, most of my (Ukulele Blues) clips are out of sync,, so as soon as i've sorted the problem out ,, i'll post some tutorial on the basics,,,,, untill then dude,, keep plugg'n away at it ,,
    Yes, I believe that is correct. Jake uses the same string from the classical set for the G & A strings. That is why they are packaged this way.
    yer check out a thread i strt'd in Tips, Tricks, and Technique forum man,, its called, Walk'n an Talk'n the Blues,, heaps off handy tips in there, as far as your slide goes,, probably betters using a brass or glass slide, never tried plastic but may work all the same,,
    Sweat as man, do it up, n strt slip slid'n some of datt crAzy yipyip s@#t bro.
    Cheers bro, glad you enjoy my uke'n,,yeah i'm south of the border down mexico way,, liv'n the Geelong these days,,,,,its good to find other ozzy ukers on this site,aaiihh!
    Don't worry about it, we saw it! : D Ryan's on another island at the moment, so once he gets back (should be in a couple days) we'll announce the finalists and winner on the front page. Thanks for all your hard work - Aloha!
    hehe! thats good to hear! You should contintue to train dude! when you hit the blue belt its a different side of bjj. I look at things so differently and you learn different ways to successfully apply a sweep or choke its great!!
    Yes i do compete every so often when i get the chance. Last time i competed i lost all 4 matches because it was an absolute rank. But my level of weight i competed and won 3 and lost 1. So it was a good effort
    hey dude! yeah i know where cronulla is. ive been to syd a couple of times but stayed in the city on pitt st.

    Planning a trip there again!
    Yea i partake in bjj. i trained every so often been doing this for 2 years! im currently blue belt in bjj.

    how do you know of bjj?
    G'day mate! Hi great to have some uke players in Australia, let me the first to welcome to you here
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