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    Tenor Uke Strings - SOLD

    I am interested in buying your lot if they are. thanks
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    Tenor Uke Strings - SOLD

    are the Worth sets unopened? Thanks.
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    collings tenor ukuleles

    Well I see 3 collings on Ebay one sunburst is ready to end in about a hour. Bid only at 1400. It is a UT 2. Others you have more time. Good luck I would like but saving at the moment for other more neccessary things.
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    Wanted...a KoAloha thin body tenor.

    As the title states, if you you have a thin body tenor KoAloha, please contact me. Will buy or can possibly trade another quality uke. So, pm me if any interest. Mahalo
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    wanted a Gstring brand soprano uke.

    As stated in the title, I have a friend interested in buying a Gstring soprano koa ukulele, made in hawaii and a tattoo model would be even better. Thanks for looking and please contact if you know or have one available.
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    Kamaka Concert Ukulele for your Holiday's

    I have a very nice curly Koa Kamaka Concert made in dec 2009 that I have had since 2010. It sat mostly for years and only the case looks used. It has a K and K acoustic pickup recently installed and works good. Includes a new set of Kamaka Strings. Get yourself a holiday present or make...
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    Vintage Kamaka 6 String Liliu with a factory wide neck very rare

    I have a vintage white label custom 6 string from Kamaka, made in 1998. It is in very good condition. No cracks, scratches or dings that I can see. I have had it a few years since I had a friend that I thought wanted it since he is a guitar player and has big hands. The neck at the nut is...
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    want to buy your Ko'olau tenor

    I thought I would check and see if anyone had a very nice Ko'olau tenor that they would like to sell. I know they still take orders but you never know what's available unless you ask. I may have a trade if that is preferred. Mahalo