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    Ameritage Silver Concert Ukulele Case for sale - $140 shipped!

    For sale is a concert sized Ameritage Silver series ukulele case that I bought off a fellow UU member. I sold my holy grail concert ukulele a couple months ago. So my lack of need is your gain! Please read below for description from Ameritage: "This case was carefully designed to fit most...
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    FS: Donaldson Vintage Soprano Solid Koa with Case

    I purchased this beautiful ukulele and just can't get used to the soprano size and I've only put around 2 hours max play time. You can see the phenomenal description below and pics also. This beautiful soprano with hard shell case can be yours for $290 shipped and PayPal is accepted...
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    For Sale: Kanile’a K-1 C koa concert ukulele mint condition

    SOLD: Kanile’a K-1 C koa concert ukulele mint condition Unfortunately, a couple of unexpected bills came up that is causing me to liquidate a new to me beautiful Kanile'a K-1 C Koa Concert uke. I purchased it from Doc J a couple months ago and have only had the chance to play it a handful of...
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    DeVine Uke's at Ukulele Pupua

    NFI...Just a person who's loves Eric's work but can't afford on of these beautiful concerts...4 just came in this week..
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    2 Tenor Cases for local sale in Ohio (like new condition)

    I have a couple tenor cases for local sale only (shipping costs seem to be getting higher these days). First up: is a Tweed Fremont Rectangular case $80 Second up: is a Silver Creek Vintage Tenor Ukulele Case Black $50 Both of these are in like new condition. They have only held a couple...
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    For Sale: 2 Bailey Straps in Excellent Condition

    SOLD: 2 Bailey Straps in Excellent Condition I have a couple Bailey Straps up for sale that sell for $63. They are equipped with End-Pin Beads on both ends that allow them to be attached to strap buttons or end-pin jacks. From bead to bead it's roughly 43" and there is extra leather to make it...
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    Found a great strap from Lakota Leather

    I must stay I suffer from SAS (strap acquisition syndrome) for all my instruments and thought I'd let you know I found a great strap for my ukulele (I know many do not use them, but for the few of us that do :rolleyes:). I just got a Bison Mandolin Strap from Lakota Leather but modified it with...
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    Do you have anything you play when demo'ing ukes or showing off?

    Do you have anything you play when demo'ing ukes or showing skills? I wanted to see what others play when testing out ukes or showing skills:o :cool: I tend to just play some basic chord progressions and scales.
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    WTB Islander Concert Ukulele

    We're chipping in to get a friend a concert ukulele and I was thinking about trying to find an Islander Concert for her. If anyone has one they are looking to part with, I'd greatly appreciate it. I know they are reasonably priced new, but thought I'd try for a used to start.
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    For Sale: Gloss Koa Compass Rose Tenor Ukulele

    I have an unexpected bill that come up and I need to liquidate some items and unfortunately this beautiful all Koa High Gloss Compass Rose by Rick Turner might be able to be snagged by some lucky player. I ordered it around September and just got this beauty delivered in late December. It...
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    Best place to purchase strings in bulk...

    I got my strings from a friend at a music store. However, he decided to get a different job. DAMN HIM!!! LOL Any suggestions on where to buy strings in bulk? I usually use Fremont Black, Worth or Aquila's...
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    FS Big Island Deluxe Mahogany Tenor Uke <SOLD>

    Up for sale is my Big Island Deluxe Mahogany Tenor that I got from our own UKE Republic. It's only been played a handful of time and is a beautiful uke in sight and sound. It can be yours for $290 shipped and PayPal accepted (CONUS only). Big Island Deluxe Mahogany Tenor Gorgeous solid...
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    Stupid question: Can a satin finish be re-done in a gloss finish?

    I was wondering if a satin finished ukulele can be re-done with a gloss finish? And if that can be done, can a sound port be added? I apologize for the possibly stupid question.
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    Santa Cruz Ukuleles?

    I was wondering if anyone has played or had opinions on the Santa Cruz Ukuleles? I've had and loved their guitars but never thought about their ukulele line that came out. This is more curiosity than anything else because if I had the money to spend, I'd probably pick up a different...
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    Lanikai Ukulele S-C (Brand New)

    For sale is a brand new Lanikai Ukulele S-C. Retails for $140.00 I received it as a gift and only strummed it a couple of times. Padded bag (valued at about $20) and booklet are included. Total value for Uke and bag is about $160.00. $120.00 shipped From the Lanikai website: With the classic...