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    After nine months... I get my ukes back!!!

    So, I've not been very active on here in the last few months, and my ukulele playing hasn't gotten much better. Lately, my focus has been on bassoon and bass. BUT, I picked my uke back up, and I "rediscovered" how fun the uke is. But enough about my oh-so-boring life, and on to the point of...
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    Gibson ETU Electric tenor ukulele

    I was on Elderly instruments, and I came across this: Anyone had experience with it? I don't see how that kind of pickup would work with nylon strings, but I might be mistaken.
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    Risa stick soprano specs?

    I really want an electric uke, and I also am interested in building a uke. So, I'm gonna have to cut this short since the computer is about to die. I've been designing my own version of the uke stick, and it's soprano, with steel strings. I'm almost done, but my question is, with the risa...
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    Good chord progressions, Charlieissocoollike or Julia Nunes style.

    I have a friend who I had been talking to, and I mentioned that I had to try to write a song for her. She keeps bugging me to finish it though!! Do you have any good chord progressions. Maybe something that sounds like a Charlieissocoollike song with a bit of Julia Nunes in it? You're help...
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    Banjo uke strings?

    I got a new set of back up strings for my tenor today, and they were Aquilas. I was looking at the back of the package when I noticed they had a set of banjo ukulele strings. So, I was wondering, what's the difference between normal uke strings and banjo uke strings. Has anyone had experience...
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    I was looking At Mid-East Music's website, and found a sitar-kulele. It say's they're set to come out late 2010. I've always loved sitars, and I would KILL to own one. I also saw that some one had seen them at the a NAMM show. Here's the link to the website...
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    AAAAHHH!!!! Which uke would be better?

    I really thought I had made my decision on whether to get a Lanikai SZW-TCA Cutaway Acoustic-Electric uke or the Kala Bocote series KA-BFS tenor uke with the pickup. Now I'm having doubts about getting the Lanikai. I haven't heard anything bad, I'm just worried about the price. I found the Kala...
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    I have Friends in Holy Spaces

    I've been really wanting to learn this song, but I have no clue what the strumming pattern is. I have the chords from Ukehunt, but no pattern. Also, if anyone had the trombone or clarinet parts, that would be GREATLY appreciated. (:
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    Trombone mouthpieces?

    I'm trying to learn a Glenn Miller trombone piece, but if you know who Glenn Miller is, you'll know that he plays REALLY high. So, I was wondering if there's a mouthpiece out there that would help me get really high notes. The song goes up to a B natural above middle C. Ya know, something like a...
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    Lanikai Zebrawood Tenor cutaway anyone?

    I've recently fell in love with the Lanikai SCW-TCA Cutaway Tenor Acoustic-Electric. It looks beautiful, but it's kind of out of my range... right now... I was wondering if anyone on hear owned one and would recommend it, or have a review on it. I really need a second tenor, and all your help...
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    Ukes seem to bring good birthdays.

    So, my birthday was Friday, and I got the greatest birthday presents ever. On Wednesday, my parents surprised me by picking me up strait from school and taking me to the luthier to get my banjo uke and my Islander fixed. Then we went to a small guitar shop, where I met the guy who sold...
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    One more thing to put on my plate.

    Although I'm really busy right now, I cannot resist asking some questions for another project. This time, I'm thinking of making some REALLY simple cigar box ukes. Question number one. What kind of cigar boxes are best for a loud, cigar boxxy sound? Any specific brands I should look for? Q...
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    Master plan!!! Muwahahaa!!!!!!

    I have come up with a plan to bring the joy of the uke to my town. Next weekend is a town holiday of ours called Restoration Days. I plan on sitting somewhere on the town square and playing my uke. I think I'll post a sign on my case saying "Will give lessons. Call *******." I'm also playing my...
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    Danelectro Longhorn Uke!?

    Well, I finally got the camera to work. So here's the pictures. You can obviously tell I'm not really an artist. (: I did the headstock kind of hastily so it's not that great. I'll probably redo that and get working on a side view. The pictures aren't that great, but hopefully you can get...
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    Danelectro Longhorn Uke!?

    Me, having a HORRIBLE (but quite fun) case a UAS has led me to designing (and hopefully) building my first uke. The uke I've designed is Meant to look like a Danelectro Longhorn Bass. It's a tenor scale, it will have a low g, steel strings, and is solid body. Before I do any building or...