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  • Wendy the last two visitor ms you posted you sent to yourself not me. LOL. It took me 8hrs tring to upload 1st vid. The santa thing took 1-1/2 hr total and I took a shower then to. The initial anxiety is as you say. I think its biochemical not in your head. When I find myself in those situations I enjoy the endorphins and try to use the adrenalin to good purpose. The anxiety remains IDKW. Thanks for your help. I knew I wanted in the first time I found the forum. I don't do contests so that took a while.
    You made a nuisance of yourself where? On the thread? People there are only too happy to help - we love new Seasonistas joining us, and we were all once where you are. Hopefully uploading will get much easier for you next time. Yay for you for jumping in! Everybody thinks all those anxious thoughts at first, and then they do it (IF they do it) ... and it's great!

    Now that you are a convert, you can go preach the gospel of the Seasons (if you wish) and let others know just how fun and fabulous and doable it is. Because no one listens to me about it. :) Oh, wait - you did! I plan to set a record for number of newcomers in my Season (you won't count towards it ... you are already a seasoned Seasonista!) ... so go tell others and support them!

    Congrats again, and Happy Everything, Tommy!
    Hooray! I'll go check it out. You're welcome, and congratulations!

    Oy, I knew my mailbox was about to fill up. Better empty it ... I'll need a nice clean inbox for hosting next week!

    Seasons start Sunday morning, midnight Hawaii time, and end 8 full days later, Sunday night, midnight Hawaii time (Monday morning for most of us). In winter, that's 5am ET Sunday through 5am ET the following Monday. The host posts the theme some time the day before ... it's supposed to be about dinner time or so on Saturday, in our time zone. Mine will go up a bit earlier ... I might post as early as 3pm ... 6pm latest. That's my plan.

    (If I ever get my opening video done ... was going to do it Sunday, but I made 10 holiday song videos instead, last night, but forgot I had a meeting, tonight, but now it looks like I might be going to an open mic in PA (eek, far!), Wednesday's Xmas eve party, Thursday's Xmas, terrific show at local coffeehouse Friday night ... pretty soon it's Saturday.... oy!)
    Your mailbox is full!
    Hey Wendy, Well I'm Seasonista now. I hope your preparations are going well. When do you post your Season?
    Thank you ever so much for your support in getting this project off the ground. Might not have got done without you.

    Its funny Sunday I was all jitters. Had two acceptable vids.
    Woke up Monday Got an Idea. Made a vid. I don't think I've ever played the song on the uke before. Piece of Cake. No prize winner but good enough for folk music. Not a worry in sight.

    The actual uploading was an RPIA. I suspect I made a nuisance of myself. Thanks again.
    Dry bones and the music goes round and round. Doesn't scan but who makes up songs to explain physics beside Tom Lehr and me.
    We both have things to do today and should get to it but i want to get it down before I forget it. talk about it later. Mashup prep/ noodling/medley prep/ better synergy when more than one person is doing it. No reply necessary.
    Is this the luddite I married IS this the luddite i love. Over the keyboard i tarry long.
    Well I have an eye staring at me. Big brother in my inner sanctum. No instructions. I could be broadcasting to the world. I think i'll pick my nose. Thats better. I'll figure this out.

    So your first time as EmCee? Welcome Bienvenue Welkom! If so we're both having the same experience right now. Break a leg girl.

    Well I have a web cam. hooked tomorrow I hope. - anxiety.

    I'm working with a couple of songs. - anxiety building.

    Decisions, decisions - My first public performance was at a festival where a performer didn't show up. The promoter asked me to fill-in. ~900 people in the audience. No problemo. It went great. - Why do I feel like like a girl at her first dance?

    "What a wonderful World mash-up". Whoa does that dame have chutzpah! What great stage presence in the face of adversity. And that smile!

    I can do this. Thanks for the encouragement Wendy.
    Hiya Wendy!

    Okay, you talked me into it. Posted in 122. Paper Moon.

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