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  • Hi Sally,

    Thank you and I appreciate your feedback. I'm having a difficult time with this as my head and my heart both want to do two different things. A majority say I should go back home. My head tells me to do the same. However, Wisconsin has been a source of unhappiness for me for quite some times. Long before my life self-destructed. I've got a lot to think about... I've been reading post here for some time before my first post and I liked the people here. Thank you for your support!

    ~ Matt
    Hey, I read and commented on your post for help. I hope you are doing okay. Life throws us crap sometimes and we have to learn to deal. Take it easy. Things work out. If you need to bitch, whine or cry feel free to do it here. Everyone I've met here, (several in person) have been totally accepting. Take care of yourself.
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