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    Farida KAT-3NC tenor

    Bump me up!
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    Concert Flea with wooden fretboard

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    Martin style soprano build, tuners?

    Maybe they ran out of chips, and need to source some offshore? :)
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    Famous-Japan. New Soprano variant

    The spruce top FS-220, mentioned in another thread, also seems to be a newer model for Kiwaya/Famous.
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    NUD Famous FS-5 soprano

    That FS-220 sure has a big ringing tone, as I'd expect from a solid spruce top. Interesting that they went back to the very old decal/style.
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    NUD Famous FS-5 soprano

    Their description of the hybrid series could use a bit of work, with some better wording than veneer and plywood.
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    I've gone right off Spalted Mango

    Awesome...a belly soundport!
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    For $10.00? Cool! I believe those tuners were called sharktooth tuners, like these on an old Harmony I once had. However, yours seem to have a slight ring at the bottom, while on mine, the entire bottom of the button was flat against the wood. Hope yours comes out nice!
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    I don't think this is cool at all

    There it is. He must really be taking a financial hit, to squeeze this apology out of the PMA (Proudest Man Alive).
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    I don't think this is cool at all

    Not sure what the grounds are for revoking a company's dealership agreement, but that Pono story makes me wonder. If I was a uke manufacturer, I certainly wouldn't want him representing me.
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    Dr, Is there any hope?

    You: " there any hope?" Dr: "Take 2 ukes and call me in the morning"
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    Hello from Japan

    Welcome! Also a big Kiwaya/Famous fan. I have 2, shown below, FS-1 and FS-0. Would love to see some uke shop pics from Japan, with lots of those ukes shown.
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    Who's not played a Kamaka soprano?

    Old, or newer? My 1st uke 14 years ago was an inherited 50s/60s gold label Kamaka soprano (in my avatar). It seemed a bit of a primitive build, with hand tooling marks in various places. I've heard they made lots of these, with many being sold to visiting tourists, like my world traveling...
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    Famous uke fretboards

    No, it was the bourbon 😄
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    Famous uke fretboards

    I have a nice older Famous FS-1 soprano. Got it 4 years ago used, stupidly sold it, then luckily got it back about 2 years ago. I love it. I always thought the fingerboard was rosewood, but lately, I'm getting some wear, showing the lighter wood below. So, I assume it is a stained lighter...