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    Robots by Dan Mangan - mctrmt and UKISOCIETY collab!
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    Amie - Pure Prairie League

    A 70's era country/rock tune brought to you by UCB. Thanks for watching!
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    Bruises - Chairlift ( cover on ukulele and uBass)

    A collab we recorded a few weeks back. Finally got around to editing all the clips. Check out Mandalyn's music here: Thanks for watching! :)
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    Force of Nature

    Ukulele original by DearOldNutJob and RussBuss: Thanks for watching!
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    Another Sorry Gift (A Christmas Apology)

    an original Christmas song by russbuss and uke5417(Bruce): Merry Christmas all :) thanks for watching!
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    Happy Birthday Aldrine!!!

    from your friends at UCB: :shaka:
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    Aldrine's show at Mike DaSilva's (San Fran)

    We'll update this thread as more vids are uploaded. deach - Sam Cooke's Bring it on Home To Me deach - Eric Clapton's Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out Russ - Fleetwood Mac's Little Lies...
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    Nothing good can come of this......

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    Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper (UCB Collab)

    The latest from the UkeCrazyBitches - Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper by 14twelve (Brisbane, Australia) and deach (Virginia, USA) Thanks for watching!
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    Broken Arrow - Neil Young

    here's the latest from UkeCrazyBitches. Neil Young - Broken Arrow (boozelele and russbuss415 collab) the video took a year to make. stick around to the end if you can. thanks for watching!
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    People Suck (original)

    original song by russbuss and mctrmt a song inspired by the willful pets we love.:) thanks for watching!
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    Labour of Love - Frente! (UCB collab)

    a 1993 hit by Australian folk-pop band Frente! covered by Adelle The Great with a little help from russ_buss. thanks for watching!:) .
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    Helpless - Neil Young (ukulele cover)

    The latest from the UkeCrazyBitches - Helpless by Neil Young: by the underground's award winning duo, deach and russ_buss brought to you by UkeCrazyBitches...
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    Let It All Come Down (original/collab)

    An original song written and performed by Bruce Baird (uke5417) with a little help from russbuss415. Thanks for watching! :)
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    Islands in the Stream - Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton cover

    Here is our latest collaboration. This time it's Ukulelezo teaming up with BaronK69 covering Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's Islands in the Stream. Please visit their channels ukulelezo - BaronK69 -...