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    UWC 10 shirt pre-orders

    UWC 10 Shirt pre-orders for ukulele world congress 10 are now live. Pre-orders end May 6th at midnight (or when I take them down the next day)
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    Brown County Ukulele Festival 2018

    Here is the latest render of the shirt design. Still time to pre-order Shirts, posters, and stickers
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    Brown County Ukulele Festival 2018 This is for the pre-order of Shirts, Posters, and Stickers for BCUF 2018. NOTE: What I have up is a sketch, the artist is being slow. it will be 3 color print. Not sure if it will be on a grey shirt. ALSO this is for pick-up at the fest, or shipped after. Please...
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    The 9th annual Ukulele World Congress June 2-3rd 2017 Shirts designed by Mike Hind are up for sale!! Pre-order closes Saturday, May 14th. 1. only 50 extra unisex shirts will be ordered beyond the pre-order 2. All women's shirts must be pre-ordered, BUT they are woman's shirts, not juniors. 3. All pre-orders must be picked...
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    Brown County Ukulele Festival 2018

    Thought Mike had posted this. January 26, 2018 – January 28, 2018 Join us for a weekend of great music, fun and comaraderie at the Brown County Inn. There will be fantastic performers, ukulele workshops for beginners as well as the advanced player, evening concerts, open mics, strum-alongs and...
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    Customized Padded Uke cases Just put these in my store. Any design I make stickers of I can put on a case. ALSO if you have another design, your name... you can select custom and we can work something out at no extra cost.
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    Throat Juice recipe

    With winter coming on, and the pesky colds and runny noses our voices get trashed. I thought I would share a recipe that gets me singing again. I use to drink Ice flavored Gatorade, but that is not awesome for you Mix in this order in a pint glass 1 shot of Braggs ACV (apple Cider Vinegar) 1...
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    Why are So many Pono ending up in the Marketplace?

    I have noticed that a LOT of Pono ukes end up in the marketplace. What is the deal? Are they bad so people are dumping them? Did a search in the market place for the last 6 months and took the first 10 pages and got these numbers: Pono 24 Koaloha 12 Kala 11 Mya Moe 6 Fluke/flea 6 Collings 5...
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    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 20!

    So... I got a vinyl cutter and started selling stickers on etsy ( ) I have the Poho logo from Uncle Elvis, would anyone be interested in one? I can do almost any size (3" to 12" tall) Also, may I put it on my etsy shop so yall can find them easily?
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    Ukulele Stickers

    Bought a vinyl cutter a few weeks back, now I have a an Etsy store. Check it out. All ukulele related stuff to start. All designs are done with approval of their owners if they are not my designs. I will be posting more designs monthly. please contact me for...
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    FS: Eddy Finn EF-BU2 Closed Back Concert Banjo Ukulele

    SOLD $150 Shipped CONUS, will talk about shipping to other places plays well, has an Aquila red C to add some thump. I am Not a banjo uke player (Actually, my uke groups does not want me to be one) Model: EF-BU2 Brackets: 12 Resonator: Walnut Neck: Walnut Fingerboard: Rosewood Size...
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    FS: Luna Solid Cedar Top w/ Pickup

    SOLD $110 shipped CONUS, will talk about shipping it other places Great uke, plays well, no buzzing. Very minor play wear. basically new MODEL: UKE TAPA CDR · Laser etched tapa design by Alex Morgan · 23" full concert · Top: solid cedar · Back & sides: mahogany...
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    FS: Lanikai LU-6 6 string tenor

    SOLD $125 Shipped CONUS, will talk shipping to other places This is a Liliu ukulele so it is strung High G, High C, Low C (Normal), E (normal), High A (Normal), Low A Truly an awsesome sound video of a song I did with it. Great player, no buzzing...
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    Weird Vintage Banjo Ukes

    Need Help identifying these banjo ukes. They look old, but not sure who made them.
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    WTB: Bushman Bluebird or Homegrown

    Looking for a bushman Bluebird or Homegrown ukulele. The label says Made in the USA. There are not many out there, maybe 80? Please message me if you want to sell or know of one for sale.