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  • Hey Brian,
    I'm so sorry about Gypsum. We used to have a dog who looked A LOT like that. Our current pooch is 14 years old, and we are cherishing every minute!
    oh god yes I can't wait to hear you do that "complain" song. that's a crazy song!!!

    I don't think I got the Lyin' Dog lyrics - I had forgotten
    Do I tytpe here? Never used these messages before - did I ever send you those Lyin Dog lyrics? I'll certainly give all the way home a went - also working on Bob Roberts complain complain complain
    Hi Brian,

    I apologize for my slow response to your invitation. Life's gotten very hectic lately, so much so that I don't have a clue what the coming weeks will bring. Regrettably, I won't be able to make it to your performance, but if there's another way to pitch in on Ani's travel expenses let me know.

    Sorry for the delay, I just saw your message Saturday. These visitor messages don't make a pop-up box to let me know there's a message, like the private messages do. I sent the chords to your e-mail address.
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