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  • prettty good! just learning new songs and just learning about the ukulele in general.. AHHA

    i should change mine to. i have aquila strings they work great though very bright and loud.

    what kind of ukulele do you have?
    Thanks for the warm welcome! I was planning on doing some Ukulele Illustrations, not sure yet but I'm working on them. Thanks for checking out my site too! I usually do video blogs which can be found at

    Winnipeg! I've got some friends from out there. Actually a lot of my friends are Canadian. I went to college just outside Toronto.
    Thanks a lot!! I'm really glad you like them. Last month I actually did move out of my old apartment, so that's kind of why I haven't gotten around to making any new videos. Haha, then my camera keeled over. Hope to get some new stuff going soon, though, when my replacement cam comes in. Thanks again! Keep strummin' ... *b-friended*
    haha its fun though huh! haha i just sit up adn randomly play.. haha like now ahh im supposed to study for bio.. but uhhh i keep playing. are you going to be making youtube vids? ahha im going to start soon check them out if you get the chance haha =)

    hey whats up! your new to the ukulele?! AHHh thats super. =D
    i hope the learning process goes smoothly its impossible not to learn there are so many helpful people online or in person ahaha i started playing about 3 months ago =)

    Sammy, thanks for the nice welcome! I just got my ukulele last night, at 7:02 pm to be exact!! ;-) I picked up a Kala KA-TG (tenor). Since I have never played one before I didn't want to spend over $200 for my first (yes, already thinking about future ones). ;-) I'll probably get myself signed up for some classes too, since I am sure I'll develop some bad habits trying to learn on my own. I can already tell that it is going to take a while to learn how to hold some of the chords, particularly the bar ones. Time to start looking for a good instructor in my area. I live across the water (Puget Sound) from Bremerton, but it really isn't that far away. That's one thing I love about the NW, you only have to drive a short distance to be in every kind of landscape (desert, rainforest, mountains, ocean...). I am a transplant from the East Coast, and I came out to visit my mother, who moved to Seattle while I was still in college. I fell in love with Seattle right away, and I knew then I was going to move here after I finished college. I have been here ever since.

    Cheers, Amy
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