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    Smoke on the Water with Tabs

    Play along. I double dare you.
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    Dexter Blood Theme - Free Tabs

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    Quantum Leap and Free Tab

    beam me up scotty.
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    New Ukulele Underground Discord Server

    The discord is awful and is no match to this forum.
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm with Tabs

    You can play it on any instrument with an e string. Cheers!
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    Cities of Gold

    I’m onto you.
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    Cities of Gold

    How do I embed videos now it’s all new? VeagsGeorge can you help? Is this it?
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    Eye Level by Vandervalk

    You might not know this one.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog - Marble Zone - Free Tab

    It’s fun to learn isn’t it?
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    White Womans Instagram

    You have to watch Inside by Bo Burnham if you haven
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    Bodger and Badger Anyone?

    No? Nobody?
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    Smoke on the Water - Free PLAYALONG Tabs

    An intermediate version I’d say. What about you?
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    Ja Da Ukulele PLAYALONG!

    Well let’s see how this settles.
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    Bo Burnham - All Eyes on Me - Tab PLAYALONG

    From his amazing special, ‘Inside’. Watch it now!
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    Jupiter - Holst - Free Tab Playalong

    Love this piece.