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  • Ha!

    Thanks for the message, mate! Nice to see you.

    I'll bung you a proper message later. Too much danger of getting busted by the marketing director just now! ;-)

    Sort yerself out, sis. I'm getting bored without the banter. Get that green dot lit up.

    I've been playing since February, but my work means I'm on the road a lot, and I can't always take my uke with me so I don't get to practise as much as I'd like. I love playing - it's good stress relief, it's fun, and unlike the guitar which I never quite got to grips with, I don't find it an uphill struggle to learn new stuff on it. I've played musical instruments since I was little, but find the uke is strange as I have more of an emotional attachment to mine than my other instruments. She even has a name: Titania. It's so sad... but I can't help it! :eek:)

    Have you found people where you live to play with? How are you getting on? Are you getting good at it?
    Ha ha, no, definitely don't know her - just a doppleganger thing then... how random!
    SO how long have you been playing? Are you self taught, or did you manage to find a Ukulele teacher?
    It's a strange thing - in your profile pic, the blonde girl looks just like my old flatmate Anna... but I'm sure it can't possibly be!!

    Anyway, thought I'd say hi as I passed through your profile, as I'm another UK uke playing lady and there don't seem to be a huge number of us out there at the moment...
    I saw your post on here after I sent my message, sorry ! I `m glad you are ok - the uke group is going well, we have met twice and there are 13 of us. Hope to chat soon
    Just wanted to say hello, not seen you around for ages - hope you are well ? I hope you are settling into your new home ?
    Yeah, ukerazy. I should have been clearer. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Very tough to have arthritis all over when you are young. My parents struggle with osteo - and I have had a few warning signs that my time is coming - but to have it young must be difficult. Good luck, keep playing, and thanks for your spirit and your presence on UU.
    Nice pictures of the Bruko No 6! Tell me: is the maple on your ukulele really that white?
    I have an older No 6 and the maple has a definite yellowish cast.
    Still no uke? That's rough. Waiting for an instrument is a painful process - especially when it's because someone is being an incompetent or awkward horse's arse.

    I feel your pain. Hope you don't have to wait too much longer. Heck, I hope WE don't have to wait too much longer - we're all eager to see pics!
    Yoink! BUSTED! :D

    I'll do it when I get home. I even sent myself an email so I don't forget.
    Ah, now I know who I'm talking to. :) . BTW, in my pic I'm the bloke who's not a brunette...
    Hey, Melissa... have you any idea how confusing it is when someone has two people in their avatar pic? :D
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