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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    I tried GCEA (low G) on a baritone, I thought it sounded horrible. Put DGBE strings on it and it sounded great, but I didn't know how to play it, so I sold it.
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    Seeking any advise or experiences with these ukulele bass purchase options - Kala KA-UBASS-FS or Kala Rumbler or aNueNue Koa Fretless

    I'd go with the Kala KA-UBass FS It's head and shoulders above the others mentioned.
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    Nothing wrong with resurrecting an old thread...sometimes it's informative. Newbies are probably browsing old threads and replying to something interesting.
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    U bass - looking for a recommendation

    Check out this forum, you'll get as many opinions as there are replies...I like the older Kalas, pre-preamp versions.
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    NUD: Kamoa E5 GC...

    Since bidding, I planned a trip to Kansas to see my son and Grandson, I was surprised I won it. Well, when I paid, I thought there would be a chance to change shipping address, but didn't see it. So, I messaged the seller and requested that it be shipped to Kansas. Watching the tracking after I...
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    NUD: Kamoa E5 GC...

    It finally arrived, I bid on this 2 weeks ago, I had a notification on ebay if a Grand concert came up for sale. It is a 15" scale with a 1 3/8" wide nut. Fit and finish is gorgeous as is the solid cedar top. Has a slight rounded back and volume and projection is amazing, it came with Aquilas...
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    Kamoa Ukulele

    Yeah, it's Kauai... 🤙
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    Kamoa Ukulele

    I had a search notification on ebay and one came up, I bid and was the only bidder, should see it today. It's an E5-GC Grand Concert Ukulele, natural finish, supposed to be 16" scale, which is what caught my interest, along with the dreadnaught body. I'm hoping it will be good for low G and work...
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    Which Chord To Pose With?

    Best idea...or a C6 :D 🤙
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    I can see the desire for more than one

    Just put a low G string on it! Fremont soloist is an easy option (it's a wound string) or, just get a set of Living Water low G strings. Enjoy! :) 🤙
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    Uke Spotting in NCIS Hawaii

    The image is blurry, but kind of looks like aNueNue to me...:unsure:🤙
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    Flurocarbon Low g options

    Yes, the soloist is a wound string. Most brands have a low G set, why not just get a set? I like Living Water...
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    Which soprano brand would you recommend as a keeper?

    I might be a bit based, but old Martins are hard to beat. The Ohana SK-28 Nunes look models are also very good, I had a soprano and concert size, both very nice, I just liked my Martin better and didn't feel I needed them both.
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    How do you store your extra strings?

    An old CD storage "wallet"...
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    how big are your ukulele collections?

    :) 🤙