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    Chords for the python song?

    After seeing BBC3's new advert promoting its new comedy show I would really love to be able to play that stupid little song on it about the sexy python! Just so that I can play it as a party piece of to be able to tell me friends! Its the song that starts "I'm a reticulated, isolated...
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    Girl on the platform smile ukulele chords!

    Hello fellow uke' players! I was given a ukulele for christmas, and I absolutely LOVE it! Lot's of people ask me "hey can you play this?" "hey can you play that?" and I was asked the other day about the advert where the guy sings to the girl on the platform. . I love the song that...
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    The Mr. Moonlight Uke Sticker Design Contest!!!!

    Heres my attempt: I might post another soon! Hope you like it! UkesAreCool
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    Are frets the same?

    If you have a concert ukulele with 19 frets and a soprano ukulele with 12 frets are the frets in the same place? I watched a tutorial on youtube and the person played a soprano ukulele. I am going to buy a concert ukulele. When he says "13th fret" he means on a soprano ukulele. Is it the same...
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    Aquila strings

    I am getting an Electro-acoustic ukulele for christmas and I can't wait! I would like to put some nice Aquila strings on it as I have heard one with them and it sounds really nice. My question is Can strings on an electro-acoustic ukulele be changed easily? I have "west-side music centre"...
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    converting to right handed

    Im a very much a left hander in a lot of things I do, but I'm determined to learn to play the uke right handed! I will try my hardest and practise every minute I have spare, but I need tips! Anyone else out there that have converted? Every tip will be much appreciated! Cheers...
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    Hardcase help?

    I've seen other posts about getting a hard case for ukulele's. I am getting a Les Paul electro-acoustic ukulele for christmas. I really want a good hard case for it as it's a really nice uke' and I want to keep...
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    Help with strings please?

    I am 13 years old and I am getting an Electro-acoustic ukulele for chrismas! The thing is I am a lefty! Shortly after getting the uke' I will be getting it restrung for a left handed person. I also want to replace the strings with decent Aquila strings. My question to you guys is: Do...