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  • Aloha Dan........Hauoli la Hanau Greetings brah....hope you have a super day with family and friends close to your heart....
    Aloha Dan,
    Just checking by to say whats up... haven't heard from you in a while... let me know...Talk to you soon and Take Care...Stan
    Aloha ukestah,
    Thanks for the note on HKM. Remembered your screen name on UU and thought I'd give you a shout out. Take care...........BO..............
    Aloha Dan!!! Trip was awesome, weather super!! Played at Wailea Emerald shot 95, no complaints. That is a beautiful course and the views are awesome!!! We got home from Hawaii just in time to get ready for the Hurricane.....quite ironic!!! lol
    Already can't wait to go back, just gotta start saving up the money again!
    Aloha and Mahalo for the information!! Oh yes...I tend to slice a bit and narrow fairways are my nightmare!!! I'll stick with Wailea Emerald.
    Mahalo again!!!!
    Aloha Dan...I am playing on the 16th. Going to take surfing lessons on the 15th. Have not booked a tee time as of yet, probably around 11:30 when the price drops a bit!
    Aloha !! Looking to play sometime during the week of August 15th - August 19th. I am also considering another course..Wailea Emerald. A bit more money but the views look outstanding!
    Hey Ukestah...I will be in Maui in August and planning on a golf outing at Elleair Maui Golf Club in S. Kihei. I am a high 90's player so the top courses are out of my ability!!! This course looks pretty good, greens fee for mid-afternoon is about $75 and includes the cart. Let me know if you might plan a trip to Maui and want to play a round!!!
    Yo Ukestah, I completely understand what you are saying about the jobs here. Me and My wife are thinking of moving there and go to school at Healds or Manoa.
    I love Maui though because its sooo chill.
    Do you golf by chance? Ka'anapali has a couple of nice courses! Let me know when you'll be there, maybe I can make my way home and we can jam or something. I really wish I could move back to Maui, but the jobs there are scarce.
    When in Maui, I am usually located where the tourists go (hahaha since I am a tourist), Kaanappali Beach area. We rent a condo that is right on the beach. Hawaii, especially Maui is truely paradise! I really love it there and hope to get back in May 2011! Of course, a stop at Bounty will one of the first things I will do!!!
    I have been in Maui a few times and always stop in Bounty Music. In fact, last time I was there I picked up two ukes for my nephews! Those guys are really great! And you are right, lots of eye candy there plus you can just pick some up and jam. A great store.
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