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    Kick Starter CD project

    I don't know how many of you heard Rachel Manke on Prairie Home Companion a couple weeks ago, but she was great. SHe has a CD project in the works and is doing some fund raising with Kick Starter. Think of it as pre-ordering a CD. It works great. When you see her Kick Starter page she has a...
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    Clip on pick-up?

    I read most (OK I'm lazy) of the thread on amplification. I read about the "sticky bugs" , but I'm wondering about these clip on pickups I see for sale. There are several companies such as Cherub. Some clip on/near the sound hole and it looks like some clip on the headstock like a tuner. I...
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    February 23rd Twin Cities Minnesota

    Cabin Fever Ukulele Escape! Read about it here.
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    Matt Dahlberg at Island Bazaar

    I was on vacation in California and visiting the uke club in Huntington Beach at the Island Bazaar uke store and there were a few visitors that showed up who were at NAMM. Here is a video of Matt Dahlberg:
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    I tinker a bit

    I thought you might like to see the cigar box uke "I built" with a Mainland neck. I used a sharpie for the "Ukester Brown" logo. Then I had to have a case so I used bags from a coffee shop and put in a quilted lining. It says "Bold Standard" on both sides of the bag. My wife helped me a bit- but...
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    I tinker a bit

    Maybe this goes under the luthier spot, but I'm no luthier. I thought you might like to see the cigar box uke "I built" with a Mainland neck. Then I had to have a case so I used bags from a coffee shop and put in a quilted lining. It say's "Bold Choice" on both sides of the bag. My wife helped...
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    Maccaferri Islanders

    Many of you know I have a love of Maccaferri Islander Ukuleles. As my web page on them grows I am slowing getting a photo album of sorts of these ukes. If you have one, especially one with an unusual or cool colored back I'd appreciate a photo of it. I'd give you credit for the photo as owner of...
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    La Crosse, WI -- January, 28th I don't know too much about this, but I think it is happening so fast it may be flying under a lot of radar. I hope I am not out of line letting people know about what will probably be a very cool event-----
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    White Christmas (with original intro)

    I recorded it on a snow stormy day in Minnesota when I wished I was somewhere warm.....
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    A Wink and a Smile

    This is a fun song and I created an easy arrangement. Practice sheet at my website-
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    Video with Flip Camera

    Until now all of my videos have been shot with the built in camera in my Mac- sometimes using a Snowball mic. This video is the first one with my new Flip camera. It is dark outside and the only lighting is the dome light in my delivery car.
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    Uke centered band

    My son who is 26 sent me this email: "Here's a vid of a guy from a group called "Neutral Uke Hotel," which is really a tribute band that plays nothing but 'Neutral Milk Hotel' songs. N. Milk H. had some success in the indie music scene maybe 6 or so years ago. This is a vid of one of the N...
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    Close call on YouTube?

    So last summer I think it was I entered a contest on YouTube via ukulele underground (J.T. Pokie sponsored it- The devil song contest) I did "If the devil danced in empty pockets". One of the writers of the song, Ken Spooner (goes by spoonetunes on YouTube) stopped by my video and rather left a...
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    Minnesota Lil' Rev uke seminar June 27th

    On Sunday June 27th there will be an ukulele seminar taught by Lil' Rev of Miwaukee, WI. There will be a $20.00 charge for this event which will run from 1:30 to 5:00 PM and will include a refreshment break and a concert provided by Lil' Rev. The seminar will be on right...
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    Funny ukulele comic?

    I've included a link on my website to ukulele related newspaper comics. If you have a funny one to share let me know and I'll link it up . Nothing from the Playboy advisor if you know what I mean.....