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    Gig bags you like for protecting your instrument

    I really like Flight’s deluxe cases, which can be ordered separately by Flight dealers, and pretty affordably, too.
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    Is visible glue inside a ukelele normal?

    I had a chat with a ukulele dealer who told me that Barry Maz and I have caused issues by offering internal photos (Barry) and videos (Me) of ukuleles in our reviews. Internal glue mess doesn’t impact the sound or playability or usually even the appearance of a ukulele; it does demonstrate the...
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    First uke advice - Ukadelic or Naneki?

    I don’t know where you are located, but I would also suggest a Flight Travel (soprano or long neck soprano) or Enya Nova (concert) over the other choices. I have reviewed the others…the Ukeadelics are fine (basically Dolphins) but the Nanecki are just painted beginner ukuleles that won’t hold...
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    KLOS ukes. Anyone have a thought?

    I have one of the concerts that I am in the process of reviewing now. It’s fantastic and I cannot wait to compare it to the Blackbird Clara. I thought the tenors were excellent, though there were a couple of setup changes needed on the 8-string (wrong string order for traditional 8-string...
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    Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies (Updated/Expanded)

    More shameless promotion: I forgot to add the list of songs that are in the collection: A la Nanita Nana Angels from the Realms of Glory Angels We Have Heard on High Auld Lang Syne Away in a Manger (Medley of two versions) Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella Carol of the Bells Come, Thou Long...
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    When can you expect to play these specific songs?

    I don’t recall if you have mentioned your age, but with no musical background and picking up your first instrument in your 30s (not knowing what that instrument is or how well you got on with it), it’s really hard to say how long it would take you. I will say that with both of these...
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    What is your most frequently played "beater" ukulele?

    For me, a “beater” is an instrument that I don’t have to worry about in terms of climate and being super gentle with (e.g. can be out without fear of being knocked over OR need for humidity). My go-to is usually my Enya Nova Concert, but my 15 year old son stole it. I may have to buy another...
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    New Uke Day (NUD) Pops Okami Tenor Wow

    I just love this post. Having had the pleasure to meet Pops this past March, any Pops-related discussion is of interest to me. My head has a hard time grasping the legitimacy of pine as a ukulele wood, but what works, works. Owning a Opio Tenor (Sapele) and having played many KoAloha tenors...
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    Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies (Updated/Expanded)

    It all depends on the song; I do have an index by difficulty as well. They are certainly different; I arrange in a way that the arrangements generally stay below the 12th fret, and also do not use the 4th string for melody so they can be used by High or Low G. I also arrange with a choral...
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    How Long to Start Seeing/Noticing Progress?

    My initial reactions are covered elsewhere in this thread: 1) Over the Rainbow (assuming the IZ version) isn’t easy, and in fact, requires strumming mastery (chucks & single strings in a strumming pattern) and a Low G to sound like IZ. 2) Progress should be immediate. If you aren’t playing at...
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    Reputable places to buy set up and repaired vintage ukuleles?

    Watch Aaron Keim’s Beansprout Ukulele. He is known to buy truly vintage ukuleles, study them, and then repair them. I think most go on eBay, but if you have a specific request, I would reach out to him and ask him to keep an eye out for a specific model, or arrange to buy one in disrepair and...
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    Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies (Updated/Expanded)

    Today I officially released my (final) collection of Christmas Intermediate Chord Melodies for both GCEA and DGBE ukulele. The collection includes 53 songs in 52 arrangements (I put both versions of “Away in a Manger” into a single arrangement. It comes as a PDF, though I might get some printed...
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    Song Help Request Lost: Tablature for Greensleeves

    I have a collection of holiday Chord Melodies officially releasing tomorrow (final edition), now up to 53 songs and supporting videos. I’ll be posting about it tomorrow, but it is for sale for a whole $10 at
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    What are YOUR favorite strings?

    Agreed! The go to is Martin M600 on Concert and Soprano, readily available, affordable, and good. I am looking for some light gauge solutions for clear fluorocarbons for tenors if anyone has suggestions. Martin M620s feel too “thick” for me. I only have a few tenors…most of the collection is...
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    Where to Buy a Ukulele when Visiting HI

    When I was there in March, the best selection (other than factory) was Best Ukulele, which had both a shop and a stand in the Flea Market at the Aloha Stadium. I did not make it out of Honolulu to visit HMS/The Ukulele Site or the Kanile’a factory. I stopped in both locations for Best...
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