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    Aiersi and koa pili koko ukulele -the same factory in China!

    I’ve been fortunate enough to review a number of Aiersi ukuleles; and there is a company in Hawai’i that imports these and does final assembly in Hawaii (though the final assembly is minor) under several different brand names, such as Koa Kalane. I found it interesting that the Koa Kalane...
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    Black Friday deals?

    Thanks; I check in from time to time, but don’t post a whole lot these days.
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    Black Friday deals?

    Rich is a friend, and he is right…for his playing and what he wants to do, his ukuleles work just fine and he really doesn’t want or need “top dollar” ukuleles. And that’s okay because I own enough of those “top dollar” ukes for the both of us! And for a lot of players (kids and adults) there...
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    Black Friday deals?

    You don’t have to worry about that with the OP…they own a number of excellent ukuleles already!
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    For sale: The Rebel Double Creme concert ukulele. Like new!

    Believe me, if funds weren’t generally an issue with food costing nearly 2x what it did a year ago, I’d be driving over to pick this one up! I sadly don’t have the financial margin to add another ukulele like this to the collection!
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    Low or High G for learning?

    I’ll admit that I haven’t read through all 44 responses. As a music educator who teaches ukulele, the answer lies in what you want to accomplish. If you are playing to simply strum and play in a group, then reentrant tuning is the best bet. If you are looking to play tablature (actual written...
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    I got a question

    I would guess “Shameless Self Promotion.” Or if not a link and you just want to discuss what the vendor offers, you could do a thread about the shop in General Discussion. People are always open to hearing about good dealers; but most have their own favorites already, too.
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    String winders

    I have the Jowoom Smart Tuner which is great as a classroom teacher (40 Ukes), for the reviews I do (shows that the ukulele is in tune before playing), and for instruments like 8 string Ukes. It also works tremendously as a string winder for traditionally geared tuners. It does not work with...
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    Are those android application tuner accurate?

    I’m an iPhone owner, so I can’t make Android-specific recommendations. On iPhone, I like Guitar Toolkit, Cleartune, and the Peterson iStrobosoft. As a clip-on tuner, I use my TC Electronic UniTunes the most; though you will find accuracy with almost any clip-on tuner to be acceptable for most...
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    NUD: Flight Sophia Concert

    Congrats, Jerry! I have the Soundwave Diana…I love the sound of cedar top instruments. The Diana is one of my finest ukuleles in my collection as it sounds and plays so well. Don’t get me wrong…I have other stellar ukuleles including Koa models from KoAloha and Kanile’a, and a Blackbird Clara...
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    NUD: Flight Sophia Concert

    Should be Worth Browns.
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    Kevin Bacon - 64!

    I don’t disagree that you can post landscape videos, but the current social media trends are to consume video mainly in portrait mode on those services. It may not be how you or I do so…but it is how much of the under 30 (maybe under 40) generation consumes social media these days. Of...
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    Kevin Bacon - 64!

    This is all a part of the TikTok environment (also used by Instagram, Facebook, and now YouTube Shorts), optimized for a phone screen rather than for use on a widescreen format.
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    Kevin Bacon - 64!

    Kevin Bacon is a musician who tours with his brothers in a band; today he posted this video with a Kamaka on his Tik Tok. I thought you would enjoy it!
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    When Did Linear Tuning Start?

    The first method book was by Ka’ai in 1910. That’s only 4 years off your mention of D6 linear. The Ka’ai is definitely C6 tuning, reentrant (I managed to order a scanned copy from the University of Hawaii). My guess is that linear tuning was almost immediate from guitar players who didn’t...