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  • Don't worry about it ill send it if you give me your email but ill send you some pics but you don't want to give it out I understand or if you can tell me how to put pictures on this that would work I'm not that smart with technology stuff
    Hey sorry it took me so long to respond but if you have a email I can send them to that would be a lot easier
    Hey still haven't gotten around to the pics but I'm wondering how much you payed for yours cause mine was appraised at $500 and its got about 5 cracks on it have you got yours appraised?
    yeah i found it in my grandparents garage and i guess my grandma got it for like $5 at a garage sale and i guess she kinda forgot about it until i started playing the uke...
    your uke sounds great is there any cracks on it?
    yes, i was talking to my grandparents one day and they said they have a uke in there garage so i went over to check it out and it was way up in the rafters with stuff under it and stacked on it so i pulled it out and saw that little kite on the head so i didnt think it was a martin but then i turned it around and it had that little martin stamp on it so i posted a thread here on it and everyone tihnks its from the early 20's. and i went to my local ukulele store island bazzar and the guy that works there said some of the martin workers make there own and kinda put there own touch on it so i dont 100% what the kite is so if you know anything about it pleaase share. So stringed it up and played it and i though it sounded pretty good however it does have one major crack and a few little ones but the big one is actually missing some wood but i guess theres people that can fix that so i want to get it fixed. have you stringed yours up and played it?
    Hi Terry. Good to hear from you. I was just looking at some photos with you in them the other day. Yes, it is VERY moderated. Some would say censored. Drives me crazy really. If someone is talking rubbish, you can't tell them so, in case you cause offence. It is more important to be friendly than correct.. Consequently, a lot of people are talking nonsense. Try writing something contentious and see what happens. Having said this, everyone is nice, courteous and good-natured, and it is big, so there is something for everyone. See you soon, I hope. KEN.
    Hi Terry! It's such a nice story, I love it :)
    I just found your blog btw, and spent most of the evening yesterday drooling over it. Keep on with the great work!
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