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    Le retour d'un rayon de soleil - Vanikoro ukulele (composition)

    The return of a sun ray... (Vanikoro concert ukulele made by Imago guitare) La tablature :
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    Gioiosa danza all'Italiana - composition

    A little dance in the style of a renaissance italian saltarello. tablature : Glyph tenor ukulele
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    Last winter - composition

    little nostalgic compo... Tablature :
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    Grey thursday's rag - composition

    A little piece I wrote on a grey thursday of january... Violonlele reso made by Régis T. (nice one He !) Tablature is here :
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    Baletto de Rusia deto l'Orso - version ukulele of a lute piece

    Arrangement and variations of a short lute piece. Playable in low D or G or high g as well. Tablature : Martin baritone.
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    Three sea captains - irish trad

    Soon is St Patrick... tablature : Here the Brüko n°6 is tuned in D.
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    Valse campagnarde (composition)

    A new little tune in French country style : Tablature : Ukulele Pineapple long neck by Gérard Guasch, Living water strings.
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    Paduane nostalgique (compo)

    Another melancholic piece... Tablature : Glyph tenor ukulele
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    À la fraîche... (compo)

    A new song, for the cold weather... tablature :
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    Le tombeau de mon père, qui aimait tant Bach. composition

    In memoriam of my father, gone for another place last week... He was a Bach lover so I try to compose in the style of this musician (with my little level). Tablature :
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    Valse "La givrée"

    Frozen waltz... Tablature :
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    Squirrel's dance

    Squirrel's dance Tablature : Ukulele Gérard Guasch, Living water strings.
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    Une promenade en forêt - composition

    A little walk in the forest. Tablature :
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    Petite valse d'automne - Composition

    A little waltz for Fall : Tablature : The Gibson tenor 1927, gut strings
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    La java de Lulu et Momo - Compo

    Another tune, a dance, a Java (sort of popular swing Waltz in Paris, last century) Tablature :