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  • tried to PM, but your box is full, you social butterfly :)

    Howdy Dave-

    I've got a favor to ask. I volunteered awhile back to host Season 80, which is rapidly approaching. At the time, I didn't take the Anthem project into consideration - no way I'm going to have time to host the week after next without putting the Anthem project on hold.... I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind swapping weeks with me? I saw that you're hosting Season 83 - I should be done with the Anthem editing by then.

    No worries if you picked 83 for a particular reason and want to stick with it or if you won't have time for 80 with such short notice - you're the first person I've checked with about switching and - if nothing else - I can bail out and get one of Ralf's substitute volunteers to take over. Let me know if it works for you.

    Thanks man!

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