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    *A Message From Ukey Dave's Family*

    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in producing my Dad's memorial DVD. We are all truly taken aback with the amount of effort and time you have put in to creating this special DVD for us. As Paul has mentioned before, although we all knew he loved the...
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    Seasonistas transforming Major to Minor

    Hi Folks, As I've recently started to experiment with playing certain songs that are normally in a major key in a minor key I thought it would be good to create a thread where seasonistas can put their MAJOR to MINOR song versions. I thought it would be nice to see them in one place so please...
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    If you like Collaborating then this could be the site for you.

    If like me, you like collaborating, then check out this site that enables some pretty cool and easy collaborations It's at
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    Wind Beneath My Wings (Collaboration - Uke and Guitar)

    Collaboration with my good mate Steve with his great guitar licks.
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    Wind Beneath My Wings

    I was going to post this as my season 129 entry but didn't quite fit the theme so here it is instead.
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    Season 123: The Berni Show

    Well I'm trying to do a tribute to a seasonista collab and I didn't realise what a damn PIG it is to sing. Its a beautiful song but boy oh boy I'm really struggling to sing it. I've now transcribed it into THREE different keys and its one of those that just defies a best key. This one may beat...
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    Music Theory

    Can anyone fill in the question marks for me. The tune is Blue Moon I vi ii V7 (x8) ii7 iii7 I (x2) IV ? ? iii V7 I vi ii V7 (x4) In the key of C the chords are Bb and Eb but how would I notate this...
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    Strings - Should I stay or should I go?

    I bought my Martin S-1 back in August last year so the strings have been on it for nine months. It stays in tune perfectly. Sounds absolutely fine to me. I have a new set of strings ready to put on but then I'm thinking to myself "if it aint broke don't fix it". Do I really need to change...
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    San Quentin

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    When I need You - Collaboration

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    Hey Seasonistas - I want to know your real name

    Hey Seasonistas, I realised a while ago that lots of people comment on my videos and on many occasions I don't know the real first names of people who comments. So if you have UU username that doesn't have your name in it and feel able to share your name with me please just post your first name...
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    God Said No - Dan Bern (Ukulele Cover)

    Check out the wonderful original HERE
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    Import Tax Vintage Martin.

    Hi Folks, I have a question that I'm hoping someone can answer from experience. If I were to purchase a vintage Martin Ukulele from the USA (I'm in the UK) how much roughly could I expect to pay import tax? Alternatively does anyone know a good UK source for purchasing/keeping an eye on Vintage...
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    season 95 of the ukulele – sounds of the seventies – disco, glam rock, abba

    What a coincedence. I have a photo of John Travolta :cool: dancing with his good friend Ulma. Can you guess the film. lol (p.s. I think the woman in the centre of the picture is just totally awestruck and seeing John in the flesh) :drool: