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  • Hey Shawn.
    I'm finally figuring my way to Ukulele Underground from Sydney Oz.
    It was so good to meet at UWC and will be even better to meet there again.
    Happy uke-ing :)
    Shawn, you have no idea how much I envy you for living so close to the festival grounds in Needmore, IN!! And you're pretty awesome yourself, man! The UWC week-end was incredible and I'm happy to have finally met you and Lonna personally. Funny enough I had added the "Corner Grocery Store" vid to my favorites some time ago. And it took me some time to figure out that you're a couple and even from Indianapolis! :) So we'll hopefully meet again next year! I would be delighted! Please pass my regards to Lonna and the kids. :)
    Thanks for the post. Nice to meet you at the UWC. You a hoosier? We play about every week not too far from the UWC field. Take care, dpg
    hey Shawn, so happy to find you, could you help me to find Lonna too? wish you the best to both hope to see you soon buddies
    Nice to meet you and Lonna. Some how I visualized you guys about ten years older than you are.
    Hey Shawn! It's great to see there are other uke players in Indy! I was just down at Mainland Ukes over the weekend, and Mike mentioned you when I told him I was from Indy. I'll definitely be going to the UWC!
    Just thought I'd say hey.
    I'm up by valpo. Always nice to see others from Indiana.
    I left a visitors message on Lonna's page also. I see she hasn't been on for a while.
    Hi, Shawn. I'm 2 or 3 vids behind for everybody, too, so I hope you don't let that worry you. I used to be on UU before, but I never used it. I know more people now, though, so it's probably going to mean more to me. Best to you! Don
    Hey...thanks for thinking of me! I really want to go to UWC...but I don't know how feasible it is right now. I won't know 'till I figure out what my life is going to look like. I've been pretty busy as of late with my first granddaughter, and my other daughter is expecting a boy at the end of May.
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