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    "Nice" brand ukuleles

    Hey, all. A long time ago, I was given a lovely koa pineapple ukulele made by"Nice Ukuleles, Hawaii". I'm trying to find out more about the maker, but it's an impossible search on Google. Any help? Thanks, Uki

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 21!

    What does the future hold for UWC I wonder....

    FS: Violin/Ukulele hybrid - Viol-uke (soprano scale)

    Selling this new creation, Viol-uke No.3. Violin body by Johannes Kohr, 1997 with ukulele neck and violin peg tuners. Floating violin bridge. Strings are Aquila nylgut. $90 plus actual shipping. EDIT: I'll send anywhere, just have to figure out shipping and postage. Thank you!

    Original UWC song - I've a Home in Indiana

    My tribute to the Ukulele World Congress.

    FS: 1950's - 1960's Martin Style 0 soprano [repost with new photos]

    We're headed to Latvia for our adoption and must raise funds quickly!! Here's my fave uke: One owner before me. In great condition and plays like a dream. REDUCED TO $430 plus actual shipping to your location. Includes a hard-shell case.

    FS: Makai LK-80W soprano

    Selling this because I need the money! Makai LK-80W soprano. Solid cedar top, willow laminate back and sides. Great sound. Ohana has almost the same model. $120 with hardshell case included. $15 shipping Video in next post

    FS: 1950's Plastic Islander soprano (Special Color)

    I purging my ukes because we'll soon have 4 kids in the house and I'm afraid for my nice ukes! (Also need the money) Very attractive and excellent sounding special edition plastic Islander. No breaks and very little wear. Still has the "Styron" sticker intact on the body top! $120 plus $13...

    FS: 1950's Martin Style 0 soprano

    Small ding on the back.

    FS: 1950's Martin Style 0 soprano

    I'm purging my ukulele collection to simplify our home life and with 4 kids to soon be here, I'm afraid for my expensive ukes. So here's my favorite $500 with a case. $20 bucks shipping. Minor wear on the headstock. Video below. EDIT: This is a Style 0 Martin
  10. UKISOCIETY is it a scam ?

    Robert Prusienski, Erick Philipps and Christine Palmares appear to be shape-shifters, because they are on both and - but THEY LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!! OMG!