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    WTB Earnest soprano ukulele

    I'm searching for an used Earnest instruments soprano ukulele made by Luthier Joel Eckhaus.
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    WTB all volumes of Ukulelezazas books

    I can’t find them anywhere and I’d like the set of tangible books to have.
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    Resonator uke upgrade tips, advice, and experiences.

    Just picked up a republic resonator ukulele, does anybody have anysuggestions for improvements on it? I found it at a local music store and eyeballed it for months. They didn't know the brand but after a fair amount of research I've found the republics to have the star inlay. I got it for $175...
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    Stromberg Voisinet banjo uke trade for other banjo uke

    looking for a decent priced banjolele Id like a new banjolele soon, maybe a maybell or slingerland. If you have one you may want to get rid of let me know. Thanks for your time.
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    3 banjo ukes for sale or trade, all from around chicagoland

    Im 19 and ive been collecting banjo ukes that originate from my old home area. I really want to save up for a gibson ub-2 so I might aswell get rid of what I have. I have a Strombert - Voisinet concert banjo uke, lots of wear and the original owner changed a few of the hooks and shoes, its got...
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    Kala soprano watermelon ukulele 2 weeks used

    I jumped into ukulele way too fast and bought this on a whim... I now regret it, its a great ukukele, pineapple shape, very loud, pearl tuner buttons that hold tune like a rock. Used it about two weeks and just decided it wasnt for me as ive built a banjo uke that fits my needs.$80 obo, id just...