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    In case anyone wants to hear me play piano...

    I'm putting six songs up on SoundCloud: They're just some short jazz standards that I recorded several years ago. Enjoy! Or not. No pressure... :D JJ
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    It's Official: Mim's Ukes is Moving

    Congrats! I just had to Google up where in the heck "Meadows of Dan" is. Never heard of the place before. But as it turns out, I've actually been near there! Within 30 miles, anyway. And here's proof: (First person to identify where that was taken wins... well, bragging rights I guess.)...
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    Larry Gatlin's comment on stringed instruments

    Christmas-related accordion joke... JJ
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    "Christmas" Songs That Aren't About Christmas

    So "Linus and Lucy" just popped up on Pandora's Christmas station, and I got to thinking about Christmas songs that really don't have much to do with Christmas at all. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there were! Linus and Lucy. First appeared in "A Charlie Brown Christmas", but...
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    Daily Ukulele for Oct 22, 2011

    Hi gang, Thought I'd take over today's DU while JoeyBug is out of the pocket (temporarily... I insist! Hear that, JB?) Anyhoo, let me just flip to a random page here... Sunrise, Sunset on page 224. Oooh, that's a good one. It's from Fiddler on the Roof. No video, I'm afraid. Feel free to...
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    Advice for Creatives

    Wise words from radio host Ira Glass, put into poster form: Original source: (Although I first found it here.) JJ
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    Daily Ukulele for 6/1/2011

    Happy June, everyone! I'm grabbing reins of this ukulele horse for today. If anyone wants to jump in tomorrow or other subsequent days until JoeyBug gets back, that'd be great! Anyhoo... I'm reaching over to my music shelf for my "The Daily Ukulele" right now. I'm just going to flip to a...
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    Daily Ukulele for 2/24/11: The Sloop John B.

    I've been tapped to pick one today, and I will hopefully not disappoint! :p I went with the old-fashioned "close your eyes, flip to a random page, and plop your finger down" technique for this one: The Sloop John B. Page 214 According to Wikipedia, this is a traditional West Indies song, and...
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    Daily Ukulele for 1/27/2011

    So I just had this crazy idea. What if we took the title of the book "The Daily Ukulele" literally? Each day, a song is picked out of the book, and we all take a stab at playing it. We post our thoughts, questions, tips, etc. If anyone wants to link to a video or MP3 of their performance, all...
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    I just played uke at a wedding!

    Some friend of mine got married yesterday and had me play some music for the ceremony. For three of the songs I was on piano (backing up my girlfriend--a violinist--for the bridal processional, playing/singing a duet with another vocalist for one song, and just accompanying the vocalist for a...
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    UU is a big, green dot!

    I thought this would be appropriate for the "beginners" forum, although it applies to non-beginners too (and to things beyond playing uke): How Big is Your Red Zone? I think the uke has a much higher and steeper "joy" curve and a much more quickly-diminishing "hassle" curve than just about...
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    If "Firefly" were an 80's TV show...

    The opening would probably go something like this: :cool: JJ
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    And we were swingin'...

    Someone came up with a nifty program that converts "straight 8ths" song recordings into "swung" versions. Listen to samples here: "Money for Nothing" was my fave. :-) JJ
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    Snowball on sale today @ Amazon

    Just a heads-up... Amazon's gold box deal today is the Blue Snowball USB mic for $57.99. No tax, and free shipping if you make sure to select "Super Saver Shipping" when you check out. This is a great deal on a great mic (I have one myself). JJ
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    YouTube's new video format

    It's probably just an April Fool's day thing (which is a shame), but YouTube now lets you select "TEXTp" as a video format, in addition to the usual 360p and 480p. It's pretty cool! Here's an example on one of my vids. :cool: JJ