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    Gibson UB1 Banjolele

    Oh thanks so much! That is a great instrument and a great price...
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    Gibson UB1 Banjolele

    Hi all, thanks for you replies. I didn't go for it in the end as it was indeed a UB1 - the seller was kind enough to send me a sound sample and the UB1 really sounds inferior to the UB2 - which was actually the size I tried and loved. Looking at UB2s now and the one I tried is upwards of 2000...
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    Gibson UB1 Banjolele

    Hi all, I am in the market for a banjo ukulele and I tried a priceless UB1 the other day that I loved (it wasn't for sale). I found this one on reverb and it seems like a great price and in decent condition but I wonder if anyone knows about how to date it? Or whether it is all original...
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    NUD: Ken Timms koa soprano

    Hi guys, I have a Timms and totally love it but noticing that my nails are damaging the French polish somewhat, I have been searching for a thread on how to take care of french polish instruments but not found one yet - any ideas?
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    Review: Flight A10 FM - Not ready to fly with the big boys

    It's a real shame that this happened but I wouldn't make too hasty a judgement based on one faulty uke. Unfortunately I think that there are often a lot of factors at play - it could be a fault that slipped through QC (these are people not robots afterall) or a fault that occurs during shipping...
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    Help I can't stop noodling!

    I have the same problem - so I set myself little goals and objectives. Learn a new song, practice reading rhythm, spend time ear training - whatever it is, you just have to be disciplined and stick to it. Start by writing yourself a list of things you would like to learn to do or do better and...
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    How do you determine that your current instrument is holding you back?

    Hi all, lot's of good points being made here. I would just like to add that it's always nice to have an instrument that is pleasurable to look at (so you pick it up more often) and that sounds great even just playing open strings- a good instrument inspires me to be a better player in order to...
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    Hi from Madrid

    Hey, thanks all for the warm welcome and subscriptions! :D
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    Hi from Madrid

    You have heard of us!? (Do I know you already?) Thanks for watching anyway...we haven't uploaded for a while but we will attempt to get some new videos up soon!
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    Hi from Madrid

    Hi all, I'm Emma (@ukulelewoodshed if you want to check me out on IG), and I can't believe it took me so long to get here! I am an avid uke player (of course) and play mostly old swing and blues stuff, I also have a small band call The Lava Birds (@thelavabirds) and we do swing covers and close...
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