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  • Aloha, and thanks for the warm welcome on my intro post!
    Hi Marian, Sorry I didn't respond sooner...I haven't been online much lately. Sadly, I haven't been playing much lately either. My family has a winery here in Walla Walla that had regular open mic nights for a while that would get the occasional Uke player but now there are so many other venues in town that our nights are a bit hit and miss to guarantee a full booking.
    Oh hi! I'm a Korean in South Korea, but I lived in New Jersey for 7 years. What brings you to Korea?
    Hi Marion,

    Yep, there are lots of ukulele players in the Portland area. Lots of musicians in general!

    Check out the group Rainy Day Ukers to find more northwest ukulele lovers!

    Howdy ukunuke! I'm just getting around to answering mail & notices so please excuse the late response.
    Ya know, right now it sure looks like I'll be a waanbe player for some time. But I *am* trying to learn and practice.

    Thanks, ukunuke

    Yeah I know what you mean... I have a Kala KA-S soprano now but, eventually want a Pono or Kamaka Concert size when funds are available. I've learned and bettered my skills quite a bit from a month ago!
    Thanks - appreciate your perspective. I'll be heading to Oahu in May and will probably stop by Kamaka, Kanilea and the Koaloha shops . . . just in case! I've really started playing a lot since picking up the Kanilea in Denver. But I love the headstock on the Kamaka concert. Makes me smile just to look at it. Let me know how you like the pineapple - I'm thinking that would round out the stable!
    Aloha! Well... when I started getting into fingerpicking more, my uke instructor recommended that I have both low G and high G ukes. The concert is my favorite size to play, so I started shopping for another concert - thinking I'd get a different K-brand or something - but nothing really spoke to me. So when a Kamaka concert came up for a great price, I bought a second one. I call them the Twins :)

    I've also played a Koaloha and a Kanile'a and didn't enjoy either one as much. I think part of why I like Kamakas best may simply be the fact that they have the thinnest necks, making it easier for my small hands to play. But there's something about the sound too - it's fuller? More depth? And I like the simple style - nothing flashy, minimal branding.

    In Hawaii a couple weeks ago I tried a lot of high end ukuleles, but nothing tempted me - except a Kamaka pineapple, which will be the next acquisition! Anyway - enjoy that new Kamaka concert, I'm sure you will love it as much as I do mine.
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