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  • Hahaha, soon Matt, very soon! The strings are settling. I'll email you later about my string thoughts. BTW, the Alliance strings and T2 Titaniums are in the mail, keep an eye out for them. Aloha!
    I really liked the new video. You have a really nice singing voice-who knew :)
    Thanks for the inspiration. I should have more vids on the way in the weeks and months to come.
    Checkout Ukuleles By Kawika, although he no longer builds ukes, he use to string them up with Savarez strings. Perhaps email him, I don't know the string selection off hand. Hope you like the alliance strings, I love them!
    Aloha Braddah,

    Hope the fishing is off the hook! I've been reading your post about Saverez strings, as I started using the 540's a couple of months ago, with a Low G D'addario silver wound. I now want to put these on my 6 string and 8 string, would appreciate your advice on what strings to use for them.

    Mahalo, Ed
    I have a ton of fishing pics. I use to frequent fishing boards too like Fullspeedfishing. I'll see what I can post up.
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