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  • Aloha Uncle Rod. Just wanted to say mahalo nui loa for putting together this amazing training boot camp. It's helped tremendously! All da best! :)
    Hi, Uncle Rod! It was nice to meet you this Friday at Seattle. Hope to see you around the forums.
    Hi Uncle Rod!
    My name is Nickie, aka Scooterchick, Ukulelegal,or Viola Harpstrings. Take your pick. I have come to an impasse in my practicing, I seem to play the same stuff over and over again, and am not challenging myself at all. I had an injury in March, and then my BGF and bass player partner passed away in June, so I really got set back. I get really depressed someday, and when I pick up my little uke, the world starts getting a little better. I would like to be your friend on UU, and learn more. Can you help?
    Thanks mm stan,

    Lord Willing, I'll be returning to Honolulu (Palolo Valley) Sunday, July 10th in the evening. I generally like to spend my mornings (Tues thru Friday) in Waikiki attending the free ukulele lessons at the Royal Hawaiian Center with Aunty's Wainani and Puakeala from 10 to 11 am. If you're around, I'd love to meet you. I also try to make it to Melveen Leed's lunchtime concert at the Food Court in the International Market Place on saturdays.

    Thanks again for the well wishes!

    Keep uke'in',
    Aloha Uncle Rod and Hauoli La Hanau....
    Have a wonderful B-day....Hoping you life this year is as beautiful as your make life for everyone around you!!! Happy Birthday Man!! and Happy Strummings..MM Stan
    Mahalo for sharing all your ukulele experience and knowledge with all of us...MM Stan
    Thanks... but you forgot to put the chords in...: )

    I love the UU Family. I truly wish we could all gather together for a week of
    fun and games!

    Thanks again for the Birthday wishes,

    Keep uke'in',
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday to you
    And many more.
    Thanks Uncle Rod - I'll check out SUPA when if I'm there. We live in Sellwood and I'm just getting involved with PUA :)
    take care
    Hi Uncle Rod :cool:
    Another one to thank you for your boot camp!
    Also a total beginner - BUT want to make a sound start and your boot camp is so far ahead of any "teach yourself" type books/cd's out there!
    Many Mahalos!! :D
    Hi -
    I'm a total uke newbie. Saw your bootcamp mentioned in the beginners forum. Found the download and wanted to thank you for sharing :) Looking forward to diving in. Just started taking group lessons @ Artichoke music in PDX.
    Thanks again!
    hi uncle rod...
    i'm interested in your uke camp, but i know nothing about it...
    may i have some info, please
    Uncle Rod! When I get to Seattle next December, I wanna hang out with you all and jam!

    I got my Makala Dolphin Orangeburst on 1/24/2011 and have played it every day since then!
    Sorry for your problems with 4shared.

    Please check ( seattleukulele.org ) for a schedule of events in April.

    Here's a 'gift' for you. Unfortunately, please do not share this information as it may have negative ramifications re: SUPA's non-profit status. This is the link to SUPA's music site - pdfs and MP3s. It is reserved for 'members' which you become simply by showing interest in SUPA. Add ( /members ) to our web address to access the site and feel free to download what you want but please do not publish this link since most of the music is copyrighted and we are using them for the education of our members.


    PS Hope to see you in April.

    Uncle Rod Higuchi, work - (206) 252-9002 (M-F 8-3p)
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