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  • I can access 4shared but for some reason cannot access yours. Strange. Btw, I'm going to Seattle in April and was wondering if you have a group schedule so I can try to drop by. ;)
    I mostly use older hymnals, Baptist and 4-Square.

    I'll try to post a few, not sure when, however. Can you access the Hymns I've already posted on my 4shared account?

    I hope my links to them are available to you. If not, let me know.
    So, What's up with this boot camp thing I'm hearing about? Where can I find it cuz it sounds interesting!
    I have a zillion- well not realy a zillion, but alot- of ccm stuff. Simple chords and I'd be more then happy to share some with you if you'd like. Do you have any criteria? I have a pretty high voice tho- soprano. Usually on the opposite end of things. (if a guy sings in C I usually am in G)

    Yes- we are in Korea!
    Mahalo Uncle Rod. That link is some great stuff. I like hymns too but I am more into the contemporary but not mainstream worship. I will play a hymn though in a heart beat.
    Oh, is that all?!

    Wait until you can order the senior coffee at Mickey D's for about 75 cents!

    Being 'over the hill' has some neat perks. And since we're as young as we feel,
    the difference between being a 'senior' and not is not that great.

    Anyway, malama pono brah!

    Keep uke'in',
    Sorry, no computer whizz.

    All I can do is provide the links.

    Perhaps a friend of yours can download the doc or pdf.

    If you'll send me your email address, I'll try to send it to you as an attachment.

    We can try that.

    Uncle Rod
    Can you kindly provide some instructions for obtaining your boot camp documents? I am not able to download anything. All I get is a download wizard, but not boot camp documents.
    Hi, Uncle. I just want to say thank you. I downloaded your free docs. Thanks!
    well...i think Lei Nani is as old as Hi'ilawe..probably has as many verses aswell. i don't know if i have any MP3 for you. it actually took me a lil' bit of searching to find the lyrics. listened to the songs to find the chord progression (changed them to my key though). but i'll check and see what i can find. the 2 songs you don't know I got from a Keoki Kahumoku and Herb Ohta, Jr album called Treasures of Aloha. It is a wonderful album. one i wuz braught up on (as far a ol' nahi nahi style hawaiian music).
    check 'em out if you get a chance. wonderful arnagements.
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