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  • Thanks for the invite and the welcome.

    Of the 3 songs you listed I only know Green Rose Hula.

    When you have MP3's of the others, please let me know. I may want to learn them as well.

    eh buddy! thanks for joining the group! I'm hoping to see more people from Seattle joining soon. Please...keep adding to the conversation. and of course...i luv hawaiian music. Working on Kou Aloha Mau a Mau, Lei Nani and Green Rose Hula. gotta get'em down for the summer you know?
    Well...thanks again. Hope to hear from you soon!
    mahalo brah. sadly i stay on da mainland till next summer. so 41st Uke festival is my possibly ETA.
    Thats a really nice thing to say thankyou, and nice to meet you. There are some more pictures in my profile albums too, feel free to take a look! Have you uploaded any pictures of your ukulele/s in the forum?
    Hi Rod,
    Most people call me Bob or Robert. I tried to make my user name ukulelebob a long time ago on another site but it was taken, so it became ukulelerob. So now Im here, there, everywhere as ukulelerob.

    Keep on strumming.
    Yes I am from Seattle...the south end Kent though. I will be sure to check SUPA out and yes, I am very interested in taking some lessons. How do I go about this?
    Hi Uncle Rod!

    Well I do not really know how to play the ukulele at all aside from a few chords and whatnot that I have tried to teach myself in the past week or two. I am interested in starting lessons and also listening in on local groups, workshops, and jam sessions. I saw your posting website and wanted to talk to you a little more and maybe get a little more insight on local happenings and services. Can you tell me anything?

    Thanks so much, Maggie Henley
    Yes, I believe it is free. When I registered with 4shared.com I did NOT get the impression that anyone would have to pay to download what I wanted to share. So please feel free to download.

    I have a few more hymns to share if you want them.

    Actually, when you listen or download Holy, Holy, Holy, you should be able to click on my name next to my picture and gain access to all of the files I have made available including song files and other MP3s.

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