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  • Haven't been able to drop in for a long time. Transportation issues :(. I hope to be able to join yall again next month though.
    Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the invite for the jam session. I hope to be able to come and jam.
    Hey just wanted to send a note to say thanks - your comments along with some others helped point me towards making my recent mainland purchase I got it yesterday and couldn't be happier.
    Hey bro. I kinda wanna buy that honeybee before this Saturday this possible. I have a gig and would like to put her to use. Any way we might be able to meet up sometime this week?
    I'll definitely be at the Sprague and Bountiful ones. Hope more folks show!
    Uncle-Taco. I am in the Meals on Wheels business. Have you thought about those for your dad? It's a great way for him to see somebody at least once a day Mondays through Fridays. What's cool is that usually at least one driver a week will be a "regular" driver on that route so they are getting to know your dad and will likely notice any important changes. We had a client this spring that happened to. Actually it was a new driver to her, but they called me and said they were really concerned about the lady. She didn't seem "right". I called her daughter and our client was hospitalized that afternoon. Her daughter was very grateful. Don't mean to carry on so much, but it's what I do. We provide meals but we also are eyes for loved ones. Sounds like your dad is a perfect candidate right now.
    Dude just to let you know... actually should have before posting... I put a video with you in it on youtube. You were the only one I didnt ask permission before hand, it just occured to me, because you got there later. Let me know if its uncool, and I'll remove it.

    Haha that's the good stuff. How long ya been playing? Maybe we could jam someday?
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