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  • theres a song you need to do at your open mic you go to the song is Elvira .
    Hello Elvis, haven't chatted for yonks. Do you remember asking about chords for I Want You Back by the Jackson's? I've just finished a version for our orchestra. If you want a copy send us a private message with an email address and I'll mail it to you.

    Cheers, Foote
    Dear Mike, you still gonna talk to us plebs now you have the smell of the grease-pain, the roar of the crowds and the glare of the foot lights about ya?
    Congratulations ya bastard (well recognized Australian term of endearment)
    I seem to unintentionally/creepily follow you around the boards - 99% of the time, planning to respond in exactly the way you have already responded. *cue scary music*
    Just wanted to "visit" you! Hello! It was nice visiting with you! See you tomorrow!
    Did I tell you about the Flea company.
    That you can buy a blank soundboard do your artwork send it back to them and they will make it into a uke for you. Of course you need to remember where the bridge is going to be placed when you work on it.

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