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  • By the way, your biggest fan is no longer a drunken old man, but a rather tired-eyed, indie-rock-loving undergrad.

    (...yeah, that's not much of an improvement, is it? Sorry 'bout that.)
    I just checked out your blog, and let me tell you, I absolutely love, love, love your work (those shapes... my goodness... so ace!). I swore off 'tooning at the end of high school because I told myself I was going to focus on my major, and that alone, but I really miss drawing. You've inadvertently nudged me to put down the pen for a bit and pick up the pencil again! Thanks for being awesome!

    (PS: I hope you've conquered your fretting and strumming woes. Nothing's more frustrating than hearing how fun the uke is while your fingers are telling a whole different story.)
    Hey Uncle Elvis,
    Lovin' the images on your avatar and the like. You do these?. Got some fine skills in that area, are you interested in doing anything surf related? I have a longboard surf shop in Western Australia and always looking for things to whack on a t shirt or sticker. Hear from you soon, Ross.
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