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    WTB: Ken Timms CUBAN Mahogany Soprano

    Felicidades E.Z. Me alegro mucho por ti. Ganar un Timms así, en una subasta, es una sensación inigualable. Que lo disfrutes.
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    WTB: Ken Timms CUBAN Mahogany Soprano

    Well, I got one on ebay and Mr. Timms was very communicative and responsive in after sales service. I can only say good things about him and his ukuleles. Good luck with your search. Do not stop trying! Mine are koa one and the other Honduran mahogany.
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    Identifyng a Vintage Martin ukulele

    Someone is selling this but he doesnt know anything about it. There is a strange code/serial. Can you give me any detail? Thanx.
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    Loprinzi Koa Tenor Model D on my way

    From today I am a proud owner of a 'mint' used Loprinzi ukulele. Signed by Donna and Augustino (2009). I will have to wait 7 to 10 days to play it and compare it with my Kanile'a Tenor K1. I'm curious about how these two will be different. If you have any recommendations (strings for example)...
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    I got a old Banjolele (Jedson). Any info?

    I have no idea about banjoleles at all. I got this impulsively last week. :cool: Can you say me anything, please? Adding seller images... :confused:
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    Soprano Martin Style 2 mahogany. No vintage. 2012

    A friend has asked me to make him an offer for his Martin. It is in very good condition. Hard case included. What would be a fair price? I have no idea. Thank you!
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    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    My DREAMer Uke.
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    Kanilea K1 Tenor Nut/Saddle spare

    Any place to buy spare? Thank you!
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    Old ukelele unkown

    Does anyone know anything about this old ukulele? :confused: Thank you!
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    WTB a quality soprano (Europe)

    I am considering buying another quality soprano (in good conditions). I have a wonderful Ken Timms (mahogany) style 0 and I look for a different voice (Koaloha for example). Any other suggestions are welcome. Please, PM me if you are interested. Thank you!
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    Kalei Gamiao: "Paukauila"

    Where can I buy/get this beauty song (tab)? That would be great! Any help is appreciated. Kalei's music is a miracle. Thanks.
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    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    I forgot that I had in my drawer a mini-ukulele that I bought a year ago to a German guy. It was a prototype but I liked it. I have not played she at all because I had no time. She is a little hard to play because the size and tuners position. But I going to try now. Being so quiet is perfect...
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    All my gratitude to Mr Ken Timms

    I thank him for the way he treated me when I needed to have my ukulele revised. He is such a great professional! I'm really grateful and happy to have bought my uke. Thank you so much!
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    Me and my new Ohana sopranissimo

    No comments. Lol.