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  • Hiya... I am not (though I know what it means.)
    The fez was a gift from my brother when he first moved to Nebraska. He was cruising pawnshops and junk stores for furniture and stuff, both for his home and for architecture class, and saw it and, even though it was 23 years before I picked up a ukulele, he thought it would suit me and my sense of humour.
    It smelled horribly of cat urine for 20 of those 23 years, but I finally aired it out and... well... it just seems to fit with my new lifestyle as a ukulele player.
    I know it's probably disrespectful for a... um... non-member?... to wear it, and, if it is, I apologize, but every... er... member... that I know down here, knowing the person that I am, thinks that it's not only hilarious, but appropriate, me wearing the fez.
    Having said that, they refuse to let me join, knowing that my only reason for doing so is to get one of those tiny cars! *grin*
    So... no, I am not, as my friend calls it, a goat rider.. but I know WAY too many of them!
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