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    OK, that looks like a winner! By the by, what are getting your Mom for Christmas?
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    Fret divots

    I can’t imagine how much playing it would take to divot frets like that. Yikes! My fingers hurt just thinking about it!
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    New Uke from Portugal

    Oh, about my new instrument. It is a limited, or special edition APC, or Antonio Pinto Caravelho. It is a Concert Ukulele. But, I learned that in modern parlance, Portuguese people just think of it a Cavaquinho. Of course, the historic Cavaquinho was more the size of a Soprano Uke, but that...
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    New Uke from Portugal

    Hey Pluribus, thanks for speaking up. I agree with you, Porto is the most beautiful city I've ever seen. I would like to go back there, but under different circumstances. I'd love to spend two or three weeks there, exploring the city by scooter. I was only there two days on this trip. And...
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    Please Pray for Paco!

    Paco is home today! He is recovering nicely. Susan and I want to thank everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts. It was a close call. Thank God the Addison's test came back positive. He's going to be just fine.
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    Please Pray for Paco!

    Good news this morning! Paco has Addison's Disease. Totally treatable with pills or shots. He is expected to make a full recovery. However, I'm not so sure about me. Paco's medical bills now exceed $5,000, and will be continuing for a few days until he can eat and drink on his own. Apparently...
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    New Uke from Portugal

    Wife and I got back from a week in Portugal late Sunday. The trip home took 23 1/2 hours, including layovers. We started off in Porto, Portugal’s 2nd largest city. It reminds me San Francisco, although much older. Before we went, I researched online and found Porto Guitarra, a little guitar...
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    Please Pray for Paco!

    I will never leave my dog again. My dog goes with me, or I don’t go. This has been an awful lesson, and will not be repeated. Paco’s condition has improved. The vet now says ”75/25” in favor of survival. His kidney function has returned to normal, but his white cell count has shot way up...
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    Please Pray for Paco!

    Susan and I came home from a week in Portugal on Sunday. We picked up our Standard Poodles from Camp Bow Wow in Spicewood, TX, where they had been boarded. Paco, our three year old male, was so sick he could hardly stand up. They had no explaination, and acted as if nothing was wrong. I...
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    Songs you don't want to admit that you like.

    I was riding in our car just yesterday with my granddaughter, Emma. She's four. She was listening to Peppa Pig singing to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat. After a while I caught myself thinking, "Say, that sounds pretty good!" :mad:
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    Just in case, your group should work up a set of rainy days songs! Matching umbrella headgear would also be a nice touch.
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    Ukulele and Mental Health

    Nice article. As stated therein, music has long been recognized as having therapeutic benefits. I have personal experience with that. Back in the 90’s, I was studying for my Masters in Clinical Psych, and performing my practicum at a family resource center in California. A young man came to...
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    Help! Want to transcribe non-ukulele sheet music to ukulele...

    To answer your question: assuming you can’t find any actual sheet music for this tune, your only option is to sit at a keyboard while listening to the tune, and jot down the melody in standard notation. Then, go back, and jot down the words. If you can hear the chords, then enter them above...
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    Help! Want to transcribe non-ukulele sheet music to ukulele...

    Wow! I never heard that little gem before. In my youth, I was constantly wizzing back and forth on the San Bernardino Freeway passing Azusa. Then, I lived in Claremont, and went to school at La Verne. During that time, I was driving thru Azusa on Route 66 (Foothill Blvd,) several times a...
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    Life On Four Strings

    Yeah, I watched that some time back. It’s a must see for any Uke enthusiast.